jack o lantern lunch bag w spooky Halloween decoration

Happy October guys, 🎃

What will we be for Halloween this year? Republicans? Rhinos? Democrats? Gay conservatives? godly liberals? I almost spit my pumpkin soy latte out at that one. But, seriously, what shall we be? Human? Outraged? Hippies? One thing is for sure, you’ll definitely need your scary mask this month. 👻

I’m kicking off Halloween myself with some cliffhangers: spooky reads that you can see over at the READiN CORNER, and the Book of Deuteronomy. Yikes. Will the people finally obey God? Will they finally enter into the Promised Land? Scary stuff. Anyhow, I wrote a new blog post commemorating my beginning of Deuteronomy called Deuteronomy: SUFFAH & DIE. Come join me if you dare. Bible Study is just a mere 25 bucks a year here. Mwahahaha.

Let’s clear off the cobwebs, push the skeletons aside and blow off some archive dust over at the Content Library. This post actually aged somewhat well:

From the Archive: Trick is Trash: And Other Spooky Halloween Stories

Speaking of Satan, The Devil’s Mother-in-Law is now on sale for $2.99 over at MERCH. . . . WHEREvermore does the darkness reign, but in only the small Andalusian town of Villagañanes does the demon fear . . .


28 Dark Tales From 1859-1924 The World Over

mean Old woman with distaff

And I think I’m all spooked out. You can better eyeball what all’s here by visiting a A Packed Lunch Site Map. Or float around at your own leisure. You can also subscribe on the Homepage for this newsletter-ish so’s I can haunt you once a month in your inbox. Other than that …

Thanks for visiting. I hope you have a great October & Halloween. God bless,