happy December with brown lunch bag surrounded by Christmas presents, lights, ornaments and candy cane lollipops

Happy December and Merry Christmas guys, 🎁

I absolutely love the holidays; I love December, I love the cold (I’m a New Englander) and I love Christmas. I’ve always been this way even when my life was the most horrible and I had no one. I dunno why, particularly since I was never really into either the commercial or religious aspects of Christmas or the holidays. I think it’s because even when I was bad and my world was bad, I still believed in good; way down deep, I still believed in God. In absolute cheer.

December is also my birthday month; and much to my surprise, I’ll be 40 this year. Not that I have a problem with it or anything, I just thought I’d be 39. Turns out I lost track of how old I was again for a while and made myself 38 for 2 years. So you see, I thought I’d be 39, and 40 just kinda punched me in the face. Surprise!

I guess you can say I’ve been a busy little elf. I posted some Winter/Christmas reads over at The Readin Corner. I’ve been posting new episodes to my podcast Informally God, and I just wrote a new blog post on where babies come from over here. I gotta say, I’m beginning to tire of human beings having sex and then being totally surprised when someone turns up pregnant. Just the other day, I had a kind of terrifying conversation with an older person who seemed reluctant to admit that babies came from sex between a man and a woman because it didn’t happen “every time” they had sex.

But this is the world right now people. I’m not so much horrified that people have no minds, but that I ever believed into Satan’s illusion that they ever did. Thank God for the scam of COVID to point that out. Mask Zombies. In the face of logic and reason, they still want to eat your brains because they have none. So as Ephesians 6:11 says, put on the full armor of God so that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of Satan. In the meantime, you can click on any of the pics below to take you to what I told you about in the previous paragraph. Oh, I also posted some new stories for Sincerely, The Unwitting Memoirist. And you know I’m always reading over at The Bubblegum Review.

And I think that’s about it for my yuletide cheer. I hope you have the best December and Christmas, not necessarily filled with happiness or sadness or any of these illusory emotions of Satan—but may you be filled with the peace of God, from this illusion. I give you all of the puny love that I can possibly give from my puny little black heart, and have a holly jolly Christmas. 🎄

With Love and good tidings, God bless,


P.S. You can click on the next page to find the story of “Babouscka”, a Russian legend. It’s actually included in my collection, The Devil’s Mother-in-Law, which can be found here on my Merch page, but that I think you can also snag for free in Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature. Anyway, it’s a cool creationist story written totally in the dreary matter-of-fact “depressing” manner of a Russian story. Enjoy!