person sitting on green bench holding lunch bag and pumpkin wearing tin foil hat and red sneakers

Hey guys, happy October.

So much crap happened in September it’s downright spooky, so I guess I’m right on time for Halloween. boo. 🎃

I became a flower girl, literally. I now work in a floral department and who would’ve thought that pollen is actually male (flower) sperm? Duh! My florist boss said, Ever heard of the birds and the bees? But it turns out that when some plants grow flowers and the flowers no longer flower b/c they’ve reached the end of their life cycle—some, 2 years for biennials—they become fruit and go back to seed. And did you know that pumpkins are a fruit? I didn’t. And that pumpkin plants grow male and female flowers, but only girl flowers become pumpkins, but it’s the male flower that typically grows first, and fertilizes her in the first place! Sorry, I can totally see myself becoming a flower freak (as one customer referred to his wife) (behind her back).

But I love pumpkins. Before—as according to my pagan roots—more so for their symbolism of Halloween, trick-or-treat and the fall season (which is stunning in New England btw). But now. Well, I still love them for their fake symbolism, but they truly symbolize all of life and God’s perfect creation. Life honestly takes care of itself. All we have to do as humans is obey and cooperate with it. Eat some pumpkin flowers, put it in a soup or a smoothie. Roast the seeds for you and birdie snacks. Make a pumpkin candle. Make some pumpkin pie. 🥧 Pumpkins are jam-packed with vitamins! Even for the soil so you can compost it!

As for around here … not too much; I’ve had a lot going on lately so I’ve been updating here and there, mostly with Informally God episodes here. I published a new blog post here called Gonzo, which is a nice theme for October and all of what happened in my life during September actually, and pays homage to the insanity of gonzo journalism, or life. The beautiful spookiness of it all.

I’ve picked up indie reading again so I’d like to leave you with some spooky ones. Until next time, my beautiful ghouls and ghoulettes. Enjoy your October, 👻