person sitting on green bench holding lunch bag and balloon wearing tin foil hat red sneakers

Why do I feel a sense of macabre looking at this red balloon? It feels like the movie It with Pennywise the Clown or something. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Further or farther? Father? Well Happy Father’s Day.

Happy June guys. 🎈

I’m actually holding the balloon because of some sort of hot air balloon day this month. Oh sure, it’s also Flag Day in June and the summer solstice (to kick off summer), but I feel balloons and hot air are really way more important. I was actually this close in my 20s to going to Albuquerque New Mexico for the hot air balloon festival, the largest in the world, because that’s what you do when you’re out of your mind and do things for no apparent reason.

Lol. How about this? I watched this movie in May, and it was pretty hilarious. I watched it for free on YouTube. It’s all about…well, having a fantastic fear of everything. But also overcoming it, and it’s all so weird and surreal along the way because that’s how fear is: unreal. And hilarious, even though it doesn’t feel like it. PS You haven’t really lived until you’ve stabbed a lump on your bed that you mistook for a stranger in your house because you were so scared of everything.

Scared man in yellow shirt underwear holding a knife

May was alright. No events, and all eventful at the same time. Overcoming a fantastic fear…of less and less actually. What a miracle to see. Fear feels heavy, but it’s almost like a balloon: you don’t have to hold it so tight. You can let it go and let it float to the sky to give to God.

Well, all May I was gearing up for this big day. The day my “un-paper towels” would arrive, and they’re here. I’ve got to boil them first, but this is my first attempt at going largely paper towel-less. Cross my fingers, wish me luck. I wrote about it here in my blog post called “Paper Towels & Abortions”. OK, well, that was a bad segueway.

I updated some things in my Privacy Policy, stuck in a little “Terms”, and remembered to put some things in there about the contact form on Indie Corner. You can borrow (indie) books there by the way.

What else? Well, I have a cousin named June, and I think it’s a very pretty name. Oh, and I also made a page with some of my best veggie recipes, or at least veggie-friendly recipes that have been on repeat for awhile and that I’ve really enjoyed. You can see them here. I’ve got some new ones too but I haven’t tried them out yet so stay tuned. Seeing as it’s almost summer though, I pack my oven away like it’s an easy-bake, and the smoothies come out.

By the way, Happy Birthday to all the June babies out there. I might as well say it since I’ve got the balloon. 🎂 Enjoy your June,