person sitting on green bench holding lunch bag and red dynamite stick wearing tin foil hat red sneakers

Hi guys, Happy July. Happy 4th. 🇺🇸

Sorry I’m tardy for the party but I’ve been on so much cruise control lately that—well, I didn’t forget it was July, but I forgot, I guess, that I do these newsletter-ish things 1x month and it was time.

I’m holding a stick of dynamite as you can see. There’s gonna be an explosion but I’m in control so nobody make any false moves. Because best believe, when the shoe, when the ball drops, ok, when the fat lady starts singing, and, and—oh who am I kidding, I don’t know what’s goin on or what I’m talking about.

I don’t have too much. June was pretty unremarkable. As per yooZH, I updated indie books over at the Indie Corner, kept makin some Informally God podcast episodes and coasted. Oh, and I wrote a blog post yesterday here commemorating the 4th…well kinda. It’s all about how I’ve always wanted to be free but because I didn’t have God but Satan, the wrong father, I went about being free in all the wrong ways, that were actually exploding myself, killing myself. Self-destructing myself. It’s called “WIPE OUT”, give it a read. I feel most grateful, also just in time for Independence Day, that I finally found God to understand that true freedom is only in true Love, only God’s Love. And you can only come into God’s love and be free when you’re done clinging to, well, fake love, fake freedom & all that’s actually weighing you down.

Over at The Content Library, I wrote a little ditty awhile back and it goes something like this:

Tiny Musings #1: sCiEnce ExplaiNed

Faith is like a dying star. You’ve run out of options; the Matter’s been pushed to the limit. What you’ve always thought to be your center is no longer important: the nuclear fuel before fueling your internal pressure has been exhausted. No longer externalizing your brightness, you must now collapse in on yourself and surrender to your core. Light yourself from the inside out. You are dead.

Let’s explode the good way this time. Let’s Do It Again. This is actually the “soundtrack” I want to leave you with. It’s a song called “Do It Again” by Lady Wray that I found a couple months ago, and I love it; I love the sentiment (and the horn section).

We roll the dice
And we lost in the end
Though our luck has run out,
I would do it again

Here’s to freedom!

Lady Wray Queen Alone Album

And a great July. God bless,


PS The pic is where you can buy the track on Bandcamp. You can see the vid on YouTube here.