person sitting on green bench holding lunch bag and green zucchini wearing tin foil hat yellow sneakers red clown nose

Hi guys,

Welcome to the dog days of summer. ☀️

Happy August.

Now, I know what you’re thinkin’, but it’s freakin’ hot and I’m delirious. I can explain about the zucchini (that I’m holding), but, really, that should be self-explanatory.

There was just too much clownery in July; I mean, it was like a circus. I actually received my new passport within 1 month with one of the world’s ugliest pictures taken in the world (why won’t they allow smiling? I don’t look anything like my pictures, so I would think they would want me to because I have a gap in my teeth); our US president let it slip in a speech that he had cancer but I really think he meant dementia, but I don’t think dementia people know they have dementia so, really, maybe what he meant was cancer – he also fell off a bicycle in June. I went to court and had a very bizarre experience where it would seem that I appeared very clownish when, in fact, everybody appeared very clownish to me. And, oh, black Olympic track star Michael Johnson was accused of racism for questioning finishing times; I myself as a black have also been accused of white supremacy and racism. It’s also national clown week this first week of August. I don’t know about you but I always look forward to the bullshit because God is good.

Unknowingly in keeping with the clown theme here, I also read No Longer Human by suicided author Osamu Dazai in July. I’m tardy to the party as usual, but if you’re even 30 years tardier than me, I’d recommend it. It’s part autobiography of Dazai, who suffers from extreme delirium from the world and, in effect, becomes a clown and prankster to deliberately stay on people’s good side because he’s afraid of them. (Now I see why clowns organized in the 70s to demand clown week)

black silhouette neon pink background No Longer Human book cover

Speaking of suicide and trying to kill thoughts, check out my July interview with (indie) author Mark Hunter here: Killing Thoughts with Time’s Incinerator: An Indie Interview w Author Mark Hunter. It’s all about the disconnect between what the deception of your mind would have you believe (in Satan) and what is actually true in God, and a character’s batshit crazy attempt to overcome thoughts by taking a drug to kill them by the very thoughts telling him to destroy himself in the first place. (I believe existentialists call suicide Absurd, or the height of absurdity for this very reason)

What I want you to know for August is about the zucchini actually. In looking up all these things that August is known for, I landed on the Farmer’s Almanac website, and it was such a great thing. Talk of the moon and stars, heliacal risings of the Dog Star Sirius and about the beauty of a whole other world that exists and continues to exist despite human “choice” to exist despite it. While human beings suffer and headbutt the wall, August and September are the peak sunflower seasons, tomatoes grow and it’s time to harvest the cucumbers and zucchinis. Make some bread and drink some cucumber water. There’s a whole true world that exists outside of the mind, and that is God. With all their brains and minds, humans have no imagination for it. Only anger and suffering.

And I think that’s it. Oh, check out my Bubblegum Review page. I don’t do review requests, but I do do paid promotions for indie books and services. Check out the deets here. Happy August and stay cool. 😎