person sitting on green bench holding lunch bag and cross wearing tin foil hat red sneakers

Ha ha, I’m on the wrong side of the bench—get thee behind me Satan with your witchcraft!

Happy April Fools guys,

And Happy April. I think the saying is “April showers bring May flowers”. And apparently also the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Yikes. ☔✝️

Speaking of hell, I read some really cool indies in March. (I work like a bill payment, ok? We gotta talk about the past (month) because April hasn’t technically happened yet, but the past doesn’t exist yet in God either so here we are we gotta start somewhere) But check out my reviews of Fairoz by Moniza Alvi (out March 31) and A Season in Hell with Rimbaud by Dustin Pearson (May 10).

*Click the book covers to read the reviews here or “read review” to read in my LT library.

Both are collections of poetry, which I’m not historically into but am not opposed to either, and they’re both really good. Both deal with themes of evil and Hell, God and devil. Pearson’s A Season in Hell reminded me of a poem of his I’d seen before on Moving Poems [.com] (really cool site, check it out). I embedded it, “The Flame In Mother’s Mouth”, below.

Visible Poetry Project

I talked about some more indies and where I find some of them in my blog post Where’d You Get Those Indies?! here. I also took a few more sarcastic News Trips. The RSS is here if you’d like to add it to your favorite RSS reader to get updates for new posts as I write them.

I made some plantains for the first time in my life and I have to say that I prefer Tostones much better than regular fried plantains that are riper and yellow-er (is that a word?). I love Tostones. I also made another new recipe, Dairy-Free Fudgy Brownies, that I came across on the site Plant Based Folk (.com). People are so creative I tell ya: the brownies are delicious actually and made with Sorghum flour, sweet potatoes, maple syrup, tahini, vanilla extract, baking Powder, Cacao powder (not Cocoa powder!) and Himalayan salt. Yum. I’m basically a veggie and eat pretty healthy, and I think that just goes along with being re-born of the spirit of God (Lol seriously) and not eating meat: I will (now) eat chicken from time to time and I do eat fish, but I’ll tell you that not eating meat (for like 4 years when I first started back in 2014 or so) naturally forces you to be creative with your meals (not necessarily “fancy” like some people think). You’d be surprised with just how psychological having a piece of meat (or not) on your plate is, and how that shapes how you look at a “meal”.

What else? Well, I updated the Privacy Policy, some lite editing no major changes. The biggest thing would be affiliate links. I’ve started using them not throughout the site or anything, but on specific pages like Indie Corner for instance (which I completely re-vamped and where you can fill out a short form to borrow a book). That’s where the linking is heaviest, but I will tell you beforehand on a particular page or paragraph if I’m using them. If I can make a few shekels to promote what I actually love, have used and/or paid money for myself then why not? It’s the circle of life.

Oh and I also re-vamped my Merch page, which is, for now, my own (indie) books for sale!

I unearthed an old (and my first) indie author interview that I did with Mark Hunter back in 2019, and made it available here. He wrote Shift Change (available for borrow), and his newish-er book Time’s Incinerator, which I might but haven’t checked out yet. Both images are 1 clickable Amazon affiliate link, for which I may earn a small commission as an Associate. See how I did that there? Smooth.

book covers Shift Change and Time's Incinerator

Last but not least(s), I talked about the non-existence of racism (yes I’m black thanks) last month over at my podcast Informally God. I’ve included the episode “Racism…Identity & Idolatry” below for your listening enjoyment.

And I think that’s it. It looks like I’m closing out the way I started with some poetry. I actually wrote a poem? of my own—some new writing over at The Content Library called “~Romantic Interlude~“.

Have a good April, Happy Easter. I mean, there’s no other choice, really. Because what would you have? A bad one? Easter is a great time to be reminded that Christ came that you might NOT sin. To show that you too can like him descend into hell and overcome the world when God is with you. And even greater works shall you do. To be returned and resurrected in spirit to the Father and be off the cross of suffering.

God bless,