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For the price of a piece of bubblegum … You get a lot to chew on. Exclusively reading & reviewing fellow indie authors … here on Goodreads and LibraryThing, and over there on Smashwords & Amazon. And sometimes Edelweiss.



However, if I have reviewed your book on one platform and not another, you may gift or loan me a copy so that I can copy my review to that site. Send to

Otherwise, if you are interested in some thorough objective feedback about your work and/or promo for your indie title or (literary) service from a well-read cross-genre reader with some degree of influence as a writer and reviewer, keep readin’!

* (Beta) Reading Services

Please complete the Agreement for Beta Reading Services form below. A PayPal invoice for services will then be sent to the email you have provided so that you may also be able to pay without a PayPal account. Following successful payment, attach your work as an EPUB, MOBI or PDF file. If you would like specific feedback, please note. Though I have an English degree, I am NOT an editor; but I can provide feedback about topical/typographical errors that I may find. Send form and file to

* Indie Promotion

Please send me an email of your interest. I’ll send an invoice with a publishing schedule if interested. (For more on this, see my blog post “Indie Business 102: Self-Promotion” here. Promos will take place there. Send links, etc. to

• Are $25 for (the minimum of) 1 month, max 1 year (if you look at past (blog) posts for indie titles I’ve found, I’ve tended to leave them up for the whole year)
• Will be chosen for promotion at my discretion, meaning according to my own idiosyncratic tastes, which basically mean nothing
• Will be promoted how and where I see fit, with proper notification for any major changes
• May be read and honestly reviewed by me irrespective of paid promotion
• May be updated and/or removed at any time per request, but no refund will be issued once posted
• Must be published as on sale or as a pre-order

• Are $7 for (the minimum of) 1 month, max 1 year
• Will be chosen for advertisement & promotion at my discretion
• May be updated and/or removed at any time per request, but no refund will be issued once posted
May include but are not limited to, Editing, proofreading & beta reading, calls for work, upcoming publication or ARCs or free samples, a website or tool, or articles and advice and experiences related to indie writing and publication that can help authors, interviews, giveaways, affiliate marketing for your shop, new or old indie bookstores, indie appearances, projects, looking for a job in the indie arts or hiring for 1? Get in touch!

Thank you for your interest in (Beta) Reading & Indie Promo Services. For more information on A Packed Lunch and how your information is protected, stored & used while using, please see the Privacy Policy.