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For the price of a piece of bubblegum … You get a lot to chew on. Exclusively reading & reviewing fellow indie authors … here on Goodreads and LibraryThing, and over there on Smashwords & Amazon. And sometimes Edelweiss.



However, if I have reviewed your book on one platform and not another, you may gift or loan me a copy so that I can copy my review to that site. Send to

Otherwise, if you are interested in some thorough objective feedback about your work from a well-read cross-genre reader, welcome to (Beta) Reading Services.

*No Romance/Erotica. I’m open to nonfiction too, but I don’t read a lot of it, disclaimer; even though I write it. Inquire though if you’re uncertain.

  • $25 1-29 pp (short story/fiction length)
  • $45 30-179 pp (novelette/novella length)
  • $75 180-400 pp (novel length)

If you would like specific feedback, please note. Though I have an English degree, I am NOT an editor; but I can provide feedback about topical/typographical errors that I may find.

Max turnaround time of 30 calendar days starting from acknowledged receipt of your work, which should be, for all intents and purposes, a finished draft/copy. I am available to dialogue about your work via email for a maximum of 1 calendar day starting from the day I provide my feedback to you. My responses/contact will take place Mon-Sun between 9am & 6pm EST.

Confidentiality/privacy ensured. Manuscripts will be kept for one calendar day following my initial feedback and then deleted, so please send them in a separate email. If manuscripts are sent as part of previous email threads, they may be retained as such as part of correspondence receipts/records. Re-read requests are subject to same process and fees. Two re-reads maximum.

Please send your agreement for (Beta) Reading Services to

A PayPal invoice for services will then be sent to the email you have provided so that you may also be able to pay without a PayPal account. Following successful payment, please attach your work as an EPUB or MOBI file or PDF and send to Work sent without payment will be deleted.

You may receive a full refund only *prior to sending your work. If you still have not sent your work 1 calendar day following your payment, your right to a refund will be forfeited, and a cancellation invoice will be sent to you. Invoices not paid within 2 calendar days of invoice date will be null, and a cancellation invoice will be sent to you; you must begin the process anew if you are interested in services again. All time is EST.

Thank you for your interest in (Beta) Reading Services. For more information on A Packed Lunch and how your information is protected, stored & used while using, please see the Privacy Policy.