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BLOG 2021-2022

Paper Towels & Abortions
Where Does the Money Go? An Indie Ghost Mystery.
News Trip (2)
News Trip
You’re A 1 Star! ⭐
A Brief American History: Critical Race Theory, An Explanation.
Spiritual Sex-Ed
Conservatism – A Note
Pocket Sax
Jamaican Ethiopian Rastafar-i: Black Supremacy, White Supremacy, Yakub, Esau, Rebekah & Isaac: The Devil is in the Details. Raasclat.
The Re-Education of War
A Jive Turkey Thanksgiving
the Talent gods
Don’t Let the Vampires In
The Case Against Satan: Ray Russell
Deuteronomy: SUFFAH & DIE
A Story, An Abortion Story, No, An Anti-Creation Story
This Is My House Bitch, Mask OFF
Happy Socialist’s Day
Cenotaphs & Forgiveness
Somebody Go Check on Joe
COVID-19 REVISITED a Year Later: The Science Still Isn’t There
Idiosyncrasies: The Happy Birthday Song
*E Pluribus Unum: Out of many, One
Man Calling Libraries to Masturbate on Supreme Court Case
The god of Momentum
Paying For It
Chasing Racism: A Tale of Two Karens
All is Spirit and Part of Me
The Nigger of the Narcissus: by Joseph Conrad
In Defense of Classic Literature

BLOG 2019-2021

Pre-Game God: B.C.
There’s No More Material: the Power and the Glory
Pigs at the Dinner Party
To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar
Real Sci Fi: the Degradation of Technology
A Note on Fear: the Art of Scaring People, Childhood Triggers and Ellen “DeGenerate”
Teasing Kids, Ellen “DeGenerate”, Christian Science & The Myth of Happiness
The Time I Almost Judged Joel Osteen: Ode to the Prosperity Gospel
Die Deutsche Sprache & the Jamaican Beat: Americans Take Note
Viva the Dumb Shit, because It All Used to Make So Much Sense. Long Live the Dumb Shit: cheers 🍻
When Was The Last Time You Doubted Someone’s Personal Experience?
Agent: Invisible COVID-19: Classified Communism: Unmasked
The World at Your Fingertips: Out of This World
The Great Dadaist Revival! What Took You So Long?
Psychological Tactics, The Existential Crisis of Reviewing Your Own Books
This is Fine: Book Reviews & Dumpster Fires
I Used to Write Fiction, Sorry
COVID-19: The Quarantined Exhibition
Whatever You Do, Don’t Call Me a Jesus Freak
Verisimilitude and The Work Memoir
COVID-19: The Breakfast of Champions
The Language of God
Miracle Man: The Certainty of Miscalculation
Portrait of a Book Reviewer
Language of Unopposites: Reading Between the Unlines
When’s the Last Time You Had a Healthy Dialogue About Your Book?
The Importance of Being in Earnest
Kinds of Camps
You Can Quit Your Day Job.
I 💗 Book Promotion!
The Authenticity of Helping Others by Knowing Thyself
I Am a Feral Cat Named Leia
Returned for Refund: Books & Sociopaths
With Expert Precision: Sticks & Stones
Sandwich Boards & Shakespeare
Linguistically Political: a Language of God
The Writer’s ‘Spective’ 💐
Casting Shadows Everywhere
The Art of Prioritizing, Spirituality As a Writer
Flipping Mortality (Off): He Dead!
Google Sh*t
The Principles of Language, Order of the Recipes
Words Mean the Most when They Mean Nothing at All
The Wall Is Always There
Art as a Lived Experience: A Review
Selling with Integrity by Knowing Thyself
Is Amazon Your Daddy? … and Other Spooky Halloween Stories
Libraries & Bank Robbers
Race & (Book) Marketing
The Indignity of it All
Lousy Book Covers
The Unwitting Memoirist

Sincerely, The Unwitting Memoirist

1. Sincerely, The Unwitting Memoirist
2. Air Horn Breakups
3. Welcome to Buffalo
4. Roosevelt Island
5. Love Languages
6. Sesame Street is Burning
7. The Original Party Crasher, Life of the Party
8. Mexican Ballerina
9. The Sun Boy
10. Celebrity
11. Space Cowboy Breakup
🔒 King of the Homeless
🔒 Catnip & The Bhagavad Gita
🔒 Track & Pee
🔒 Moments with a Didgeridoo
🔒 Disabled Talisman
🔒 No Name
🔒 The Woodsman
🔒 Zanzibar

  • unwitting stories from an unwitting memoirist


  • short informal podcasts about my surrender to God
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  • GEN-LEV + Notes of a Surrender


The Content Library

01/20 A Logical Conversation About God
03/20 Hourglass Sand Timer
03/22 ~Romantic Interlude~
07/16 The Time I Answered the Door to an Alleged Rape Victim
09/19 The Strange Thing About Cats: *A Detective Story
09/19 Brita Water Pitcher
09/16 Hot, Racist, Interracial, American Prison Love
08/16 The Evolution and Revolution of Internet Trollz: *A Creation Story
10/19 Tiny Musings #1: sCiEnce ExplaiNed
01/20 Tiny Musings #2: Magic
02/20 Tiny Musings #3: How to Unpack
08/16 Ode to the WWF and WHOO! The Nature Boy Rick Flair

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