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October 6, 2021
Don’t Let the Vampires In

When I watched Democrat New York Governor Kathy Hochul beseech the masses to get the COVID shot because it’s what God would want us to do, and something about being her apostles, I almost sprayed my early morning peppermint tea.

[…] But how do we keep more people alive?” She lukewarmly told the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn last month. “We are not through this pandemic—I wished we were; but I prayed a lot to God during this time, and you know what? God did answer our prayers: he made the smartest men and women—the scientists, the doctors, the researchers”—[applause]—”He made them come up with a vaccine”—[more applause]—”that is from God to us.”—[Holy s**t]—”And we must say, thank you God. Thank you.” [Now motions towards chest] “And I wear my vaccinated necklace all the time”—[lifts necklace, notice it’s not a cross; it’d probably burn her chest]—”to say I’m vaccinated. All of you…yes I know you’re vaccinated; you’re the smart ones, but you know there’s people out there who aren’t listening to God and what God wants”—[looks particularly like a demon here]. “You know this. You know who they are. I need you to be my apostles—”


Alright that’s enough, I’ve had enough. This lady wouldn’t know God if her your life depended on it. Please also notice the flimflam of Satan. How she was never elected as governor. She was “slid in” UN-elected by the people after former governor Andrew Cuomo was conveniently accused of sexual harassment.

I bet you if you asked any 80s or 90s vampire how they got to be a vampire, they’d say, “Well”—shaking their head.

“I let ’em in. I invited ’em into the house.” Then throwing their palms to their face, shoulders heaving. “I just didn’t know that’s how vampires got in the house. Oh God!”

I blame the fake Christians. Well, the misguided ones I should say. The ones who try to make God seem like a happenin kinda chap by blasting you in the face with a bullhorn about hellfire and damnation. Or shoving Watchtowers down your throat. Or doing and saying all the wrong things that have nothing to do with the Right example of God.

If you ever watched The Lost Boys, you’ll see ‘Michael’, actor Jason Patric, invite a relatively normal-looking middle-aged guy into the house for a date with his mom. BUT TURNS OUT HE’S NOT ONLY A VAMPIRE, HE’S LIKE THEE HEAD VAMPIRE OF THE LOST BOYS!!! And do you know why he let him in? BECAUSE HE DIDN’T LOOK LIKE A FRIGGIN VAMPIRE! He complimented Michael by deferring to him as the ‘man of the house’ who could only invite him in. Lies of course. (Everybody knows proper vampire etiquette is that anybody (who lives in the house) can invite them in.) In the world, it’s the same concept: people put on suits and ties, dresses jewelry; they speak eloquently or mildly, braggadocio, meekly—sprinkle the word “God” or “expert” or “degree” in here or there, whatever you wanna hear whatever it takes. They claim victimhood and demand your sympathy. They file down their teeth, fangs disappear. Shapeshifters. You let ’em in Then BAM! They suck your blood. And give you COVID.

Having God means having discernment. Having a spiritual eye to see through the tricks and traps and flims and flams of the devil who uses the physical for those who can’t see past it. How he can use skin color, appearance, sex gender, beauty and all things, all appearances illusory, even your own mind to make you think something is real when it isn’t. He can make you think vampires like himself don’t really exist when they really do. Just not in the way you think they do. Again, I blame the Christians because they let her in. Where was she? Not at some secular sex meat pill fest rave. But a megachurch ‘Christian’ Cultural Center.


The Unwitting Memoirist

October 4, 2021
The Case Against Satan: Ray Russell

It’s interesting that when I considered myself an atheist or agnostic, that I believed in the inherent good in people. I mean, I would have to right? If people are all there is, I’d better have some hope in them otherwise I’d’ve killed myself. Then when I came into God, I recognized the evil in people, starting with myself, and now I find that it slips my mind that people can be evil. It’s the concept of praying for your enemy as a Christian. Has nothing to do with turning a cheek or being meek and weak or any of that false gospel. It’s just that to be of anger, to be of hatred is just dumb. It’s of destruction. And it’s just crazy to think that people can actually be what destroys them. They cannot see you see, and have no peace. And so you pray.

In 1968 when the movie Planet of the Apes came out, many Americans fled from movie theaters not with a deeper appreciation of the evil of oppression, but with an irrational fear of monkeys. Talk about something going right over your head. A flying monkey?

But that’s not it. Before there was an Exorcist by William Peter Blatty, there was The Case Against Satan in 1962 by Ray Russell. I read it, and found it particularly droll. But it’s a good read because it’s shocking in what it asserts: that people cannot recognize evil when they see it. We’re not talking about blatant evil, like murder or rape or pedophilia, but the more insidious kind: the subtle evil. The genesis origin evil. The build-up evil. The evil behind the evil. The anger that eventually leads to the stealing, the killing, coveting, the bearing false witness etc. The catharsis in the book comes when the Bishop escorts the parish priest to the hallway, where right on the opposite side of the door lies a possessed girl they’ve chained to the bedpost. I gasped. Not do you believe in God, the Bishop presses the bewildered priest. Do you believe in evil, in Satan?

Then in 1973, the movie adaptation of Blatty’s 1971 Exorcist came out. About a little girl named Regan who becomes increasingly belligerent. At her height, her face is pockmarked, green, her voice hoarse and taunting. She spits green bile and walks bent backward down the stairs. Her mother is a rich actress, an atheist, who at the behest of a team of defeated doctors, turns to Father Damien who has all but lost his religion, for an exorcism.

And, still, people leave the movie theater, afraid of the dark, afraid someone’s after them, afraid to turn around. It doesn’t scare them to lie to their children. It doesn’t scare them to have sex with someone they barely know. The repercussions for a child raised out of the union they were created in doesn’t phase a bit. I heard recently that YouTube is cracking down on all anti-vax content, yet it doesn’t scare them all the videos on their ‘child-friendly’ platform of people, single mothers in particular, filming pimping and exploiting their children in front of millions of strangers on camera. The unreal is scary. The scary reality? Not so much.

The father of the possessed girl in The Case Against Satan sees the parish priest about his daughter to evade psychiatrists. They might find, we find out, that the demon growing inside of his daughter comes from his sexual molestation of her. Regan’s mother is swearing, awful controlling trying to get through to Regan’s father because he hasn’t called for Regan’s birthday, while quietly and out of view Regan listens to the angry hysteria of her mother, who rolls over to find her daughter scared, sleeping in her bed later that night. My bed was shaking, she whines. Then, suddenly, Regan is swearing lying, awful out-of-control. You said you’d recently separated from her father, the doctor says. Where is her father? Father Damien asks.

In the end, the girl’s father has a heart attack and is struck by a bolt of lightning. In The Exorcist, it is the Father who is murdered by the demon before he casts the demon out of her. The more time he spends around the little girl, the more demonized he becomes. When he walks in to find that she’s killed the first priest, he wrestles the 12-year-old to the ground and begins punching her in the face. This anger, this hatred is a terribly difficult spirit to deal with if it has not been first exorcised from yourself. You’ll become it otherwise. Blinded by the darkness from within, you will not be able to see it mirrored in the world, without.

2 Corinthians 11:13
For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder! For Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into minsters of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works.


The Unwitting Memoirist

September 27, 2021
Deuteronomy: SUFFAH & DIE

Jesse Lee Peterson has a cool funny quote about God


Which is basically true. God’s like the limo driver at the airport with your name on the sign directing you to the limo. But if, say, you identify yourself to the limo driver then proceed to tell him that you’re not getting in the limo, then what can he do? You love not following direction.

It’s important to note in the Book of Deuteronomy that the Israelites being prepared to enter into the Promised Land are not the Israelites God brought out of slavery. This is a new generation from the old raggedy one that died off in the wilderness somewhere wandering for 40 years because they just wouldn’t get in the damn limo. He’s not gonna throw a sack over your head, hogtie you and throw you in the trunk and make you do something you don’t wanna do. People do that. God is of no resistance. You have the right to be wrong. You have the right to love wrong. You have the right to suffer, and to die in that suffering.

We’ve all experienced the hell of fear and anger, the Satan in ourselves and in others when being interfered with and interfering in other people’s lives. Before the Book of Deuteronomy begins, the Book of Numbers ends with a recounting. Of all that God has brought us through. Of all the idolatry, intellect and ego, the polygamy, pride homosexuality and incest, murder, the booze and the lies, slavery, sex before marriage and prostitution that we’d come to love without Him. Of all the miracles He’s performed to save us from the hell on earth we create for ourselves and re-create through our children. From the destruction of what a world looks like without God, today. All because we ate the apple and believed the snake, the ego, the intellect in the garden of our minds that whis-ssss-pered to us that we could be like god despite already having God, paradise on Earth.



The No Longer Suffering Unwitting Memoirist

P.S. Bible Study is my questions, comments and musings on the Bible as I read the Bible with faith in God. It’s $25/yr here; I’m currently at Deuteronomy.

September 13, 2021
A Story, An Abortion Story, No, An Anti-Creation Story

I’m not really sure what abortion supporters are all about. They take some potions magic beads puff of smoke to make the dark magic of convincing themselves that a baby is not really a baby. They use words like “fetus” “clump of cells”, “viability”. Isn’t this how murder happens? You say or do something to me that I don’t like, then I pick up a shotgun and blow your brains out because it’s only brains, only brain matter. I don’t respect your life.

I had an abortion when I was 17, and it wasn’t like that scene in Orange Is the New Black, where the white trash inmate with the brown mountain dew teeth is having her like 17th abortion; and right as she is about to leave, the female nurse judges her, and mountain dew comes back with a loaded shot gun and blows her brains out. It’s just brain matter. All those brain cells, and people still only think to do the wrong thing.

I don’t know what I was thinking. I was confused. I told my mom and she immediately said to me, you know where we’re going right? I did but I didn’t; I nodded my head. I got the referral from the doctor and a black female West Indian nurse closed the door after him then ran up to me on the examination table and began begging me. “Please don’t do it”, she said, nagging at my arm. “I’ll raise it.” I was horrified and snatched my arm away. I didn’t understand, the protesters, when I went in with my mom we pulled up in a taxi. They were shouting things as the doors closed behind us. I had no idea, God bless them all.

It’s so grotesque. To say, you’ll hear a lot of different stories from different women, but, twirling my pearls, this is my abortion story. One black woman had her hat pulled down low, she left. Another woman was crying, I didn’t understand what was going on. I passed out and woke up with a pad between my legs and they were wheeling me into a room, a great big room where about 20 different women lay in a circle, in the same brown recliner with the same yellow blanket. I was groggy. They told me I had 15 minutes until I had to go and the next one was wheeled in. There are only two realities, you see. One where you obey the creation of God, the Truth, and the false alternate one where you don’t, and suffer.

But this isn’t my story. This is the story of Norma McCorvey, the “Jane Roe” in Roe v Wade. But it’s the same story. This isn’t an abortion story. This isn’t a story about how I was raped like jackal feminists like Gloria Allred would have you believe. Even though I was molested. I didn’t need an abortion because I was molested. Rape and incest account for less than 1% of abortions.* I didn’t need an abortion because of that though. I needed one because of the rape of my childhood. I was taught to do it all wrong, and then do another wrong to fix the first one. Most abortions have always been and continue to be due to sexual irresponsibility.

Norma McCorvey once said that she didn’t want to be the face of abortion. All she wanted was one, and to make it go away. Her mother had been a violent alcoholic and her father, gone somewhere. By the time she was 21, McCorvey was on her 3rd pregnancy, do they tell you that? Or do they just try to frame this as another “win” for women. A dark potion black magic that twists this destruction into empowerment? McCorvey had never even had an abortion, and attended not a single trial date before the case reached the Supreme Court 3 years later. She claimed twice that she was raped–once to try to get an abortion in Texas;* but later retracted both statements as false.

The abortion story, I told you, is not about abortion. It’s not an abortion story. It’s about Satan and his children and their hatred for what a strong nuclear family represents: God, and His order. McCorvey stated that some of the happiest days of her life were in attendance at a state boarding school, away from her home. She married at 16 and claimed to have been abused by her husband; she became a lesbian. She developed a bad alcohol and drug problem after her first child and was allegedly tricked by her mother out of her parental rights. Her second and third child were also placed up for adoption. Unmarried women accounted for over 80% of abortions in 2018. Yass Queen slay.

Norma McCorvey sounded just as confused and fractured as her childhood when she died. Mishandled by handlers: her parents and then lawyers. McCorvey stated (angrily) in a 1994 NYT article that Sarah Weddington, one of the Roe lawyers, had told McCorvey that she’d had an abortion herself but refused to tell McCorvey where to get it because she needed her to be pregnant for the case.* McCorvey worked for pro-choice groups; then, as a born-again Christian in 1995, pro-life groups. She’d sought the “Roe baby”, her 3rd child–out only due to celebrity; and when they’d spoken on the phone, McCorvey told her daughter that she should be thanking her that she didn’t abort her when she’d wanted to. She’d come to view Roe as “my law”.* The completely ridiculous irony that a “poor” “uneducated” woman was needed to be pregnant and carrying of her child to full term to build a strong case for a class-action abortion lawsuit. The foundation of all that is true is always God, upon which the lies of the world are built.

And me? I cried about having an abortion at 17 when I was 38. I asked God for forgiveness for playing Him. I didn’t understand what I was doing. I feel grateful that I’m not a Norma McCorvey, able to see what I did was wrong, and not sick and broken upon my death, still lamenting a false reality of what life would have been like if only I could’ve gotten rid of it.


The Unwitting Memoirist

P.S. I have faith in God. God’s order has nothing to do with “movements”, politics or anger. It is about creation and Life and accountability. Respecting the natural process of what happens between a man and a woman, and being accountable for it when you don’t. Christians who support abortion are not Christians. Life is always wanted by God, no matter what humans “choose” to do with it.

*All statistics cited are in the US
*Abortion was illegal in Texas in the late 1960s
*See: Alex Witchel, “At Home With: Norma McCorvey; Of Roe, Dreams and Choices.” The New York Times, 1994.
*See: “The Roe Baby”, Joshua Prager. The Atlantic, 2021.
See also: Joshua Prager, “The Accidental Activist”. Vanity Fair, 2013.

September 10, 2021
This Is My House Bitch, Mask OFF

I don’t even have to be from a different country to understand the mindset of foreigners. Many are appalled when they get here. Appalled by the fact that they have to work 4,5,10 jobs to make it. Appalled that money doesn’t grow from trees.

I’m black, right? The democratic party makes a lot of promises to people who look like me. But I vaguely remember when my grandparents died, and they were from the South: Virginia and Tennessee. They’d owned their own home up here in the North for 30+ years I believe, and I was told that when my aunt took it over the State tried to take it from her because another aunt of mine was in a state-funded nursing home. I’ve been one of many who has received Pandemic Unemployment Assistance due to government shutdowns; and because I’m no fool, I’m waiting for the government to swing back around at some point and demand back the money they cared so much to give.

Lol Masks off now. The Biden “Corn-pop” administration is done with story time. That’s their daycare HEAD START that they fund because you didn’t do it the right way and so depend on others to take care of your children, and that’s my daycare, bitch. Put those masks on your kids. That’s my public school that I fund, this is the government’s property, you are the government’s property, PUT THAT MASK ON. If you think this is about a vaccine and health and safety that they’re now trying to blame on unvaccinated people. If you think this has anything to do with anybody caring about you by forcing you. If you think this is about anything other than power well then I’d guess you were a foreigner not accustomed to things here, or a demoralized American who has forgotten. Millions of your ancestors black white brown yellow fled to this country for freedoms snatched by governments that you willingly hand back over to the government centuries later.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch kiddo. In the world, that is. The world has no love. People delight in themselves in how good and great they are because they helped you, and then as soon as you forget, you become successful, you whatever, they’re throwing it up in your face. Mask off. People have no love. Just the need for control just like their angry empty father Satan.

I remember watching black family members and friends champion George Floyd on a TV set. Dummies who can’t even trust their own family members with the same skin color capin’ for someone they don’t even know on a television set because of skin color. This is how bad it’s gotten. ‘Attending a funeral’ on a TV set, watching hundreds of politicians packed butt to gut despite COVID to celebrate a criminal derelict as the face of the black community in a golden casket. While my own aunt had COVID restrictions placed on her at the funeral home when her mother, my grandmother died.

That’s my MEDICAID BITCH, put that mask on. That’s my MEDICARE bitch, put that mask on. Those are my government jobs, get that jab. I worked at places for the deaf-blind on/off for 10+ years with adults who were blinded by rubella, real infections. I worked for disabled people for most of my life and PCAd for a married couple where the husband actually got polio from the vaccine. Why are there vaccine mandates for a virus with a 90%+ recovery rate?

I’m not reassuring you upon meeting you that I’ve been vaccinated. I’m not wearing a mask to try to prove that I’m a good person. Ruses and tricks and false gods and appearances are for Satan and his children. You feel so afraid, stay home. The world should be for the free and the living, and for the people who are not afraid to be so.


The Unwitting Memoirist

September 6, 2021
Happy Socialist’s Day

In honor of Labor Day my fellow American citizens, we should take the time to honor the American government currently putting people and small businesses out of business. Another round of applause for the citizens of America too currently assisting the government. They don’t have to go to work today after all because they don’t have a job. So what are we really celebrating here?

Labor Day is like one of these things that seemed like a good idea only because the conditions were terrible. Or, when you found something that at the time may seem a fix for a temporary problem but it just stays there now, becoming a permanent fixture.

I read Das Kapital by Karl Marx in college, and back then it made total sense to me because I was absolutely insane. Basically, it was framed like this: slavery is the exploitation of labor; America has normalized the surplus labor—or like 12 hour, 13 hour, round-the-clock work days. No problem. The problem is that the socialist uses the black, woman, sexual or whatever identity people believe into, to make that point. Second, the socialist makes work, or “capitalism” as they call it, seem like a bad thing. So what they do is tap into the hatred of, say, black people, create rallies and banners spewing this semblance of truth, get black people all riled up enough to riot and destroy their own neighborhoods and other people’s businesses, then profit enormously off of it. But tell me? How is it possible that capitalism is bad when blacks were “freed” from slavery to be able to work for themselves and create businesses? Blacks as an example were actually more prosperous in America following slavery because they owned their own capital, their own labor. So that would make socialism slav…—

Don’t make me say it; you already look like an idiot enough with that mask on for almost 2 years straight; and what with—what is this like your 7th vaccine? Requiring people to cover the orifices they breathe out of to sustain their lives and calling that “safety” is one of the same democratic liberal strategies that we celebrate Labor Day for! The Industrial Revolution created such terrible working conditions for people including child workers, that people rebelled. Now this same democratic liberal government is paying people more to stay home than work. And even if the people wanted to return to work, they do so under oppressive conditions: businesses requiring a mask for 7-8 hours a day for a normal incurable virus that has all but been proved to be an outright political scam. So what are we celebrating here? The impetus behind Labor Day was instituting our freedom from oppressive working conditions. When today we have the luxury of being unemployed, and a socialist government that calls us cruelly “unessential” to boot. Is that the war cry for returning to work?

Unessential workers UNITE! Lol,

Happy Socialists Day.

Sincerely your Comrade,

The Unwitting Memoirist

P.S. Human beings are basically wicked; I don’t care what they “seem” like. A good rule of thumb is, the more someone seems hell bent on their own goodness “saving the world” or saving “blacks” or “women” or whatever, the more evil they are, because they play god; and there is only 1 God, and it ain’t people. Always a gem is (black) author Richard Wright’s 1944 essay I Tried to Be a Communist. It was included in Arthur Koestler’s 1949 collection The God That Failed.

P.P.S. Labor unions in America were established a century earlier than Labor Day, but catalyzed by the same labor exploitations and discriminations. I was introduced to unions at my last job, where I also served as a Union Steward. I wrote a book about my experience in 2019 called The Incredibly True Confessions of a Black Female Union Steward. So apropos for today because my workplace was dominated by toxic liberal ideology: in a predominately female, minority environment where management was predominately white and homosexual. Though I ticked off all the boxes of minority-ship of the world at the time myself, I found the environment grotesque and quite disgusting. In retrospect, because of that experience, I don’t think I am pro union anymore, and even though I hated management at the time, I actually came away from the whole experience siding with them more than the employees I was charged to serve. Management became, to me, a predictable variable. The laborers? The “victims”? Not so much.

August 26, 2021
Cenotaphs & Forgiveness

Cenotaphs by Rich Marcello book cover

I recently read this book; and though I didn’t “love” it, it’s a book that I recommend. It reminds me of 2 Corinthians 12:7 and the illusion of strength; how it takes a force beyond human capacity and capability to bring people together in “weird” “whimsical” ways to bring about forgiveness. It inspired quite a bit of writing in me

Would you still love me
if you knew who I used to be
Or would you flee from me, blindly running
For someone to love you
The way you hated me

Forgiveness is eternal life, God
that is why when you don’t you feel “bad”, guilty
When there is death. You are dead. Deluded, confined to the flesh,
Thinking that it ends there, grievous.

I come from a large family where sometimes when I think back, I can’t tell if my male cousin or his wife was my real cousin: everybody’s just family. But not really.

I grew up with my mom’s family, and the dynamic there was just, you keep going through it with these people even if they are bad, even if they are toxic. No breaks. You talk s**t, throw a few blows. No breaks.

Whereas on my dad’s side, they’d go 5, 10, 15 years without speaking until a funeral.

Then their eyes would glaze over in deception, speaking of forgiveness and patching things up; and they’d get together again, until they didn’t again, until there was another funeral, again.

It is only because I have come into God, the true father, that I can tell you that Satan, the false father is a liar. Death is an illusion, that happens here on earth, with the living.

Through a haze of deception and emotion, it distorts things: sometimes makes you think that you love people when you don’t. Your heart is stone that squeezes tears from your eyes, as from a rock: a miracle. It makes you sentimental until you get over it and begin to hate again. It makes you in love with your own feelings.

Somewhere in the middle of the extremism of my families, was the truth, the discernment of God. Not the fake sticking it out with people faking like they’re not trying to destroy you, or faking sticking it out with people faking it sticking it out. But dying from it all to forgive all the fake love to make my way back to eternal life, to be real.

I used to think that getting along with someone I hated made me phony. Not understanding that it was my own hatred that made me phony, that made me think that I loved. Satan’s world is so upside down. In the world they teach you that you have anger and you stay there, stew in it, love it, normalize it, it’s understandable. Whereas in God, you feel it. Feel the full force of all that hatred in you, that has been put into you and made a home in you, that pain inside of you without doing anything,
a damn thing but sitting there, in stillness
To overcome it
To come back to Him. He will help you to be born, again. You are not strong.

2 Corinthians 12:7:

Therefore, in order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me. Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

[There is no room for Satan your ego and God. It is only when you are ready to die from this false idea of who you are that He can come and give you life.]


The Unwitting Memoirist

August 21, 2021
Somebody Go Check on Joe

I used to watch a lot of TV as a teenager; and one of the more interesting and funny weird movies I’d watch was Weekend at Bernie’s. Do you remember that? Whereby two guys pretty much prop up their dead boss everywhere as if he’s still alive. Hey! There goes Bernie at the beach! Hey! There goes Bernie holding meetings! He walks a little drunk and those two guys always seem to be behind him with him, but hey! It’s Bernie!

And now it’s Joe. We’re having national conversations and global shutdowns over an incurable normal viral infection, and blaming a dementia patient for the state of the world. Does anybody see anything wrong with this? Everyday, someone wakes up Joe Biden with some sort of injection, puts on his clothes, and helps him tie his shoes and props him up at a podium. Is it Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman? Hardly. But same difference. I’d call for Jill Biden to check on him if only she were a real doctor.

Sure, his mentor was once some sort of grand dragon or wizard of the Ku Klux Klan,* but weren’t all our mentors in some capacity? This is hardly funny. I tweeted almost 2 years ago that Joe’s middle name is Robinette; and that what they were doing to him was elder abuse. I mean, can you imagine? Both my grandparents lost their cookies before dying. My grandmother refused to eat anything but Oreos; and when I stepped into the house one day, she greeted me at the door, bouncing on her toes and snapping jabs at me, saying C’mon, c’mon. In all honesty, I wanted to drop her, but I could hardly imagine getting a better idea by then dressing her up in that condition and making her run for president. Actually, I shudder to think. Americans have been so demoralized that they probably would’ve voted for her, simply because she was black and old and a woman and “spicy”. You’d better get your s**t together Americans.

I’m gonna need someone to check on Joe. I’ll never forget reading an article awhile back that talked about how such was commonplace. A high-ranking government official who’d been suffering from some sort of mental deterioration had been forgotten by his staff ironically by the dock of the bay. Somebody had to double-back and get him where he still sat serenely looking out over the water. I mean the minimum age for presidency is already like elderly. Let’s not have a Part II; there’s actually a Weekend at Bernie’s II. Over 2 hours in 2 parts of propping a dead guy up just to convince everyone that … COVID is worse than it is so you gotta mail-in vote oh my god this is so crazy terrible. Please, somebody go check on Joe. I’d say vote em out, but that would imply that he was voted in in the first place. Rather, let’s check em in somewhere … out of Washington.


The Unwitting Memoirist

*In 2010, Joe Biden eulogized former Democrat senator Robert Byrd as a “friend” and “mentor”. Byrd was a former leader and “Exalted Cyclops” of the West Virginia chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. But weren’t we all? Some purveyors of hate at one point in time? Byrd was in his 20s and later described it as a great mistake in his life. Fine. The eulogy is noted mainly because Democrats and the Biden administration frequently lambasted former president Trump for “racism”; and the Ku Klux Klan, a white supremacist hate group of Satan, is historically Democrat. The organization was formed in 1865 (initially as a social club by Confederate veterans) to oppose Republican Reconstruction-era policies aimed at establishing political and economic equality for blacks. Violence and intimidation were directed at both black and white Republican leaders and voters. They of course hid their identities behind ridiculous looking masks.

August 15, 2021
COVID-19 REVISITED a Year Later: The Science Still Isn’t There

I’m not really sure what people mean when they say “science”, or “trusting the science”. Science, quite simply, is the study of what God has already made. And God didn’t make COVID in a Wuhan Lab. What He did make was like a kijillion people who walk around His earth doing all kinds of horrible things (to their bodies), but put a mask on because  well the verdict is still out on that one. Andrew Cuomo just resigned as New York governor, for example, but not because he lied about the number of old people he allegedly killed by exposing them to COVID in a nursing home, but because of sexual harassment allegations. I’d say we’ve got to get our priorities straight, but we’ve even got the wrong priorities.

I just want to see proof. Not of COVID, but of evidence that warrants mask, vaccine mandates or the shut down of the economy. I don’t need to see that COVID exists, you see; we’re asking the wrong questions here; because I know that it does. I know that COVID exists just like the common cold, just like the flu, like croup or bronchitis, or some ear infections or LIKE ANY OF THE OTHER GAZILLIONS OF NORMAL OR SEASONAL VIRAL INFECTIONS THAT OCCUR LIKE ALL THE TIME, LIKE SIMULTANEOUSLY, LIKE EVERY YEAR WHEN WE’RE TALKING ABOUT 300 MILLION WALKING SACKS OF DISEASED FLESH JUST IN THE UNITED STATES ALONE! You wanna know where about 60,000 Americans were during the Hong Kong Pandemic of 1968? At f**king Woodstock, getting s**tfaced and rolling around in the mud. I’d like to see COVID stand up against LSD in a China wet market. Ha!

I’m losing it here, I’ve got to pace myself. Can anyone give me any evidence? Because numbers are just not doing it anymore. Cause, see: 700,000 people have died in the Himalayan Sea, see? There’s no Himalayan Sea and I just made up that number. Can you see where I’m going here? To this day, COVID has an over 90% recovery rate. Not so much ever with your 80-year-old aunt Matilda or my almost 40-year-old cousin who somehow died of COVID from not taking his kidney medication for like 10 years. Oldness? COVID. Heart disease? COVID. Motorbike accident? COVID. Cancer, or like any other leading causes of death in the U.S. that are not actually COVID? Well that’s COVID. Turns out you can go to any qualifying hospital that gets funded for issuing COVID positive deaths, and you too can get a diagnosis.

People start taking photos of theirselves with masks on, and it’s a wrap. People start selling masks and making money from masks, forget about it. I got strep throat like 75 times as a teenager, once for each time I came up with a novel way not to take my medication correctly. Then, when I’d unwittingly finished creating like 150 new strains from not taking my medication properly, I started taking it correctly and made a new strain from my recovery. This science has been around forever and somehow we’ve still managed to show up for work with the flu that they still say is killing us anyway, but they haven’t found a cure for that either.

Hey, did you hear? Former Hawaiian Kenyan white president Barack Obama just threw a huge birthday bash down Martha’s Vineyard to celebrate what socialists do: exploit and control you for capital gain. No masks lockdowns or social distancing for them unless they’re on camera. You? Not so much. Lol, they look like they’re having a great time.

I just don’t know. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe a beady-eyed doctor scientist named “Tony” Fauci was right when he basically told us that masks and vaccines were ineffective only during the Trump administration. Maybe it’s right to make a grand proclamation of caring for people, only to shut down their livelihoods and make them live off a government check for a 90% recovery rate. Maybe it makes sense that businesses help the government put them out of business by paying people more money to stay home and block their evictions with CDC declarations. Didn’t it used to be illegal in some states to enter a business with a mask on? Didn’t that used to mean get down on the floor don’t look at my face and put your hands up because this is an armed robbery? Hell, even coverings about the face are called evil in the Bible. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it just makes sense for me as a 39-year-old otherwise healthy woman with no known medical conditions or illnesses to be forced to put a foreign substance in my body for an incurable normal viral infection with a 90% recovery rate, but it’s only ‘my body my choice’ when it’s OK to kill a kid in the womb. Maybe… But maybe I’m wrong.

So why does it feel like I’m being gaslit? That’s the term, right? For flipping something around on another person to make them think that their logic is illogical by the person who is illogical. You ever argue with someone lying so hard that you had to stop because you knew you’d wind up dead because this lie was like their whole world?

Yeah, that’s Satan.


The Unwitting Memoirist

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