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Hi Guys, welcome to Informally God, religion without the Religion: short informal podcasts about things I’ve re- & un-learned since surrendering to God in February 2020. Below are the players for the latest (10) episodes, but you can click here to view all episodes. Enjoy because I dunno! *P.S. If interested in more/similar content, you can check out BIBLE STUDY here.

Having Too MUCH, Having Too little Informally God

  1. Having Too MUCH, Having Too little
  2. relaxing in The Fallen State
  3. The Twisting of Honor Thy Parents
  4. Overcoming Sex + a Personal Story
  5. The Illusion of Strength
  6. What Is the present Moment
  7. Family
  8. The Deception of Romantic Love
  9. a System of Marriages
  10. What Giving up Your Life to God Means

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