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December 11, 2021
A Brief American History: Critical Race Theory, An Explanation.

There has never been a time since the inception of the United States that government could be trusted. Other than when the Founding Fathers—with the solid foundation of God—created a double-bound system of checks and balances designed to insulate the country itself from the mass stupidity of the people and corrupt overreach of the government. When English settlers arrived in Virginia in May 1607, they did so under the auspices of The Virginia Company of London, a joint-stock company of private investors looking for their shares in America as an enterprise to pay off. By the fall of the year, nearly half of the Jamestown settlers had died from disease, famine and Native attacks. Believe me when I tell you that I worked all my life as an American citizen in Human Services helping poor and disadvantaged people. And believe me when I tell you that every interaction with these populations, from a phone call to a visit, was my paycheck, was billable.

Blacks were in America long before 1619 if, you mean by black the Spanish, who are black too. By the time the English arrived, the Spanish were here, and by the time the Spanish got here, they discovered and killed off the French Huguenots in Jacksonville Florida. St. Augustine Florida is the oldest continuously inhabited settlement in America. The French had fled due to religious persecution, and Spain had set the non-conforming Jews and Muslims to running once they’d won Christendom over the Moors who’d lain conquer to them for like 800 years. I don’t even speak Spanish, but one of my favorite quotes of all times is, Todavía estamos aquí. Meaning, we are still here. Same DNA, different clothes, same shit. Evolution. Or de-evolution, or whatever you wanna call it.

When the anthropologist Frank G. Speck traveled to Roanoke and adjacent islands and Dare and Hyde Counties in North Carolina in 1916 in search of the Machapunga,* he found peoples who looked white—who looked negro—who looked Indian doing things like basket weaving and net fishing. In 1916, Stephen Weeks, in A Plea for Separate Schools,* had observed the Indians as ranging from white to black. They’d become whiter as the caste in America tightened. The Coureurs de bois and Métis were a blend of First Nation Canadians and French fur traders. Back then it was known as marriages á la façon du pays, “according to the custom of the country”, where Native noble families married their daughters to early French and European male fur traders to solidify trade relations. Many Native tribes began to bleed out white as they married and inter bred with Europeans to avoid the governmental censure of being black. Whatev, DNA testing didn’t even come out til the late 1970s, and by the time America conducted its first census as late as 1790, they didn’t even have a classification for Indian.* Métis is the French term for “mixed-blood”.

The Spanish interbred with Indians to create a mestizo population that took on creole characteristics with the arrival of African slaves; and English alliance with Spain was upheld with the arranged marriage of King Henry VIII and his brother’s widow Catherine of Aragon in 1509. Nobody knows what Christopher Columbus was to this day. He is recorded as an Italian but you can bet you’re sure that he was distrusted by the Spanish Crown that he sailed for because he was no Spaniard either. They brought him back to Spain in chains for the havoc wrought in Hispaniola in the first settlements made in the New World, first in La Navidad Haiti then La Isabela in the Dominican Republic. Purportedly, he’d asked the English first and when denied asked the Portuguese. When they said no, he petitioned the Spaniards to sail on behalf of them. The bet was for land and title. You discovered lands for a Crown, and you were repaid with titles like governor of Hispaniola and 10 percent of any wealth found. The land would come under control of a foreign crown, as with Hispaniola … and like central America, northern South America and islands in the Greater and Lesser Antilles that Columbus claimed for Spain. To bring native populations to heel not based on race, but based on religion. In other words, they were heathens not because they were native, but because they weren’t Christian.

By the late 18th century, Americans that had evolved from Europe had had enough. Since Britain had been involved in so many wars for years on end, the colonies had been allowed to flourish in independence. When they came back to choke the chains, Americans rebelled. Attired in Mohawk ‘Indian dress’,* they dumped a shitload of British tea in the river. They grew tired of Mother England and paying tribute.

It is said that when Queen Isabella of Spain got wind of all the natives dying, the Taíno and Arawak, she blew a gasket. You’re supposed to Christianize them and not kill them! The Arawak were said to be of the Orinoco region of Venezuela and Guyana. They were who Columbus and his men first encountered in the Caribbean. Even years after his death, Columbus’ family remained in litigation with the Spanish Crown. You build a business big enough and you lose control. You get greedy. Plus, there can be no oversight when you can’t even see your business and employees overseas. Natives like Europeans, Africans and Indians in America, at the behest of foreign crowns, were entrusted to local governors and viceroys like Christopher Columbus and his brother to be Christianized and to pay tribute in the form of labor. But things as they always do quickly de-evolved into de-facto slavery, and the encomenderos entrusted to protect and Christianize Natives in encomienda got a little too excited. Anyway, with the collapse of Indian labor due mainly also to European disease, and offhand later-regretted remarks by Dominican friar Bartolomé de Las Casas of Africans being more suitable to labor in warm climates … Woops*

The Dutch East India Company was said to be the first multinational corporation in the world. They rivaled the English and Spanish and Portuguese for territory and the African slave trade. When settlers who were a mix of Swedes, Finnish and Flemish and Walloon Belgians landed in the New Netherland territory of Delaware,* New York and New Jersey, they were called ‘New Netherland Dutch’ in line with the company they were recruited and patronized by, even though they weren’t Dutch.

Simão Fernandez was an Azorean pilot who sailed with the English settlers of Roanoke. His name became Simon Ferdinando as according to whoever, the English transcribing it and how they understood it. European settling men to America recorded and lied about coordinates and the location of locations to guard against competition. We don’t know who the hell anyone is or where the hell we are. Columbus said Asia. The government and companies say we can tell you who you are … for a cost, a fee of course. Since you don’t know who you are. Mwahaha.

The Natives fell in division of loyalty between competing European world powers. They were absorbed into other tribes either due to intra-marriage or the extinguishment of their tribe due to disease or (inter-tribal) war. Many of them looked at white Europeans as gods. They’d never seen before. With magic weaponry and the sorcery of 100 reconnoitering men existing in sight of no women or children. Leveling whole villages with what seemed like invisible bullets, but was really a built-up immunity to diseases they brought.* Ralph Lane’s aggression toward these Roanoke natives differed drastically from the conciliatory stance of Thomas Hariot despite both being of the same expedition.* Book XII of the Florentine Codex recorded in the Aztec language of Nahuatl tells of the fall of Mexica civilization due to many things including Aztec subjugation of other native groups. Caciques, or Taíno nobles for example, cooperated with Spanish conquistadors to maintain their standing. When you look up and see invading Spaniards killing these people, you must be all too happy to help in the evil idolatrous foolishness of thinking that they will then deliver you.

Over centuries, you will see the rise and creation of America on a moral foundation of God and then a progression toward extremism that with a loss of God comes the worship of false gods, anger ego and fear, separation, the idolatry of race. The foolish worship of oneself as a limited human being who pretends to know everything but knows nothing. Certainly not the basics.

As Critical Race Theory is correct: race is a construct. That only exists in your confused belief, that the history of America—life itself—is anything but a battle between good and evil right and wrong and the human vessels who carry it out.

We’re still here!


The Unwitting Memoirist

*P.S. This is intended to be a mockery of the ridiculous blathering progressive liberal nonsense of Critical Race Theory

*See: Speck, “Remnants of the Machapunga”
*See: George Edwin Butler, The Croatan Indians of Sampson County, North Carolina. Their Origin and Racial Status. A Plea for Separate Schools, 1916
*The racial classifications of the 1790 census were: “Free White males”, “Free White females”, “All other free persons”, and “slaves”. See Here. *Note Back then and even before then, any prisoner of war was considered a potential slave
*To dress in Native costume, particularly of the Mohawk tribe, was a symbol of liberty, and of the Masonic order. It was to denote an American instead of British identity. See: Mohawks and Masons, and The Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, chartered in 1733 and purported to be the 3rd oldest in the world after the Grand Lodges of England and Ireland. I myself am black and my grandfather was a Mason and grandmother an Eastern Star.
*Encomienda was a Spanish labor system. It was, later, continuously opposed by Las Casas and amended several times to correct abuses. See also: the asiento system. Alarmed by the collapse of the native population and so the loss of mining and plantation labor, the Spanish Crown issued a charter in 1518 authorizing the direct purchase of slaves from Africa and their transport to the New World. Unable to directly trade with Portuguese-controlled Africa, Spain sold asientos, or contracts, to individuals and companies able to supply a number of slaves over a period of time to Spanish territories.
*See also The New Sweden Company
*See Thomas Hariot, A Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia Note: The territory of Roanoke Island was named “Virginia” in honor of Queen Elizabeth, the “Virgin Queen”.
*See: Raleigh’s First Roanoke Colony. The Account by Ralph Lane

November 30, 2021
Spiritual Sex-Ed

I watched some sex-ed videos in junior high I think.

In high school, though, I distinctly remember an assembly in the auditorium, and a demonstration of a condom on a banana. I mean, c’mon, a banana? The high school junior high part of me still wants to giggle into my hands. I mean, it looks like a banana I guess … (giggling hysterically)

OK, let’s start with a conga line. Let’s say we get the average woman—put her in front, then we get an average man and put him in back—in back of her. It looks funny. She’s generally smaller and he’s generally bigger plus she can’t give him anything. I think this is why we unconsciously start with the banana in high school auditoriums. Because it’s like the alpha and omega—you’ll never look at a banana the same way again, because it’s a penis. The penis gives life to the vagina not the other way around. It’s like ballet. The baby is like 3rd position, and you can only get to third position by knowing your first and second position.

Science isn’t really helpful here because God makes science, and scientists can only study what God has made. Mostly all males have penises and semen, and females, vaginas and chicken breasts, but that isn’t really helpful here because, if we just went by science, all males and females can have a baby, when all males and females are not made to have babies because all males and females have not matured and developed into men and women.

God is like the head banana here. This is why His order is patriarchal. He started the conga line with men, his sons, like Adam or Jesus whatever your Bible Old or New Testament fancy happens to be, and he breathed life into him. He then made the woman from man and as the helpmate to the man, to be in a receiving position—to receive love from the man who receives love from his Father, God. Everyone here in this order is ready to dance you see. The male is a man because he has the love and guidance of his father—the first position—and the female in second position rejoices in her position because she is a woman who receives love from her man and because she loves God, her Father. Only now are the man and woman ready to form the third position.

Babies come from the union of a man and a woman, children. This union is all that a child has. So if a male hates his Genesis … if a female resents her Genesis, the mother and the father, especially the father—Creation, there is no connection to God, no love, and your offspring will be little hell demons that f**k up s**t and conga lines and the order of s**t and it’s all f**kin bananas. As Genesis observes, all of creation will fall to the anger and fear of the female who has obeyed Satan, because the male is weak because he has abandoned his position to obey the female who has abandoned her position to play a man, to play God (*coughs—America). The reversal of God’s order: Satan’s order. So wear a condom. Or better yet, abstain and learn how to overcome that demon within so it doesn’t influence you to create hell on earth without. OK, kiddo?


The Unwitting Memoirist

P.S. The story of Jesus can be a parable, meaning that you can never know the Father above when you hate and are unforgiving toward the father, his son—man below. As Jesus said in John 14:6: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” Daughters of God have a responsibility of overcoming their weakness for weak males and rejecting males who are not in their proper position as men.

November 25, 2021
Conservatism – A Note

This is a transcription of the same episode on my podcast Informally God. To hear it, click here.

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Hi guys, welcome to another episode of Informally God. Today I would like to talk about conservatism. And, I never thought—for like 1 million years—that I would be sitting here talking about something that I consider political; a word that for me is, you know, political adjacent, because I’ve never considered myself to be a political person. I’ve never really cared about politics too much hence why—you know—and I really don’t mean this as a dig, but hence why I was a Democrat for most of my life.

Because—even that affiliation—came from a non-thinking. You know, I come from the black community—I’ve talked about this in previous episodes; and, a really not good thing that happens in the black community is the passing on of political affiliation. And not only the passing on of political affiliation, but remaining—laughs—loyal to a political affiliation that is actually destroying you, and destroying your community.

And so when I was 18 and I voted for the first time, my mother literally told me at the—you know—when we went to the voting booths, she told me that I was a Democrat. She told me that I would be voting Democrat. She didn’t tell me why. She didn’t provide me with an explanation; and, because I wasn’t really thinking for myself at that time, I, you know—I identified with being a Democrat. And this is of course a huge turn of events, because as I sit here and I record this, I still don’t really consider myself—laughing—political affiliated. But if I had to, you know, quote unquote choose, then I would say that I’m more Republican leaning. And I’m definitely a conservative.

The way that it stands is that, conservatism is not the Republican Party. These things do no—they’re not the same. Although it would behoove the Republican Party—which is in tatters right now. It would behoove this party to take upon the true characteristics of God, of true conservatism. To have a philosophy that actually guides the party, which is what’s not happening at this moment.

And so true conservatism, to me, or true conservatism … I am a conservative, and I identify with being a conservative because I am a Christian. And I am a Christian because I have faith in God. I don’t have belief in God, you know, my faith—faith is a surpassing of belief. This is my—my life is guided by God. I have a faith in God. And because I have a faith in God, I receive my morals from God; I receive my way of life from God, and this is what conservatism and true conservatism is. You are conserving something. You are conserving and upholding and protecting God’s order. You are protecting a moral order, a traditional way of life that is of God, a moral order. It is the only order that works, and that provides for an orderly society. So that people don’t go off the deep end as they’re doing nowadays. So things don’t just go completely out of control, and it doesn’t become a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah, which, it kinda is.

Conservatism and true conservatism is the upholding and the protecting of values and customs and laws, policies … it is the reflection of God’s order. It is the reflection of order and all that makes sense. And all that begets creation. It is the opposite of the order of Satan—or the disorder of Satan, where there is chaos, where nothing makes sense, where things are confusing … where this order—or this disorder is meant to destroy. It’s meant to destruct. It doesn’t—the policies that are implemented, the laws that are implemented do nothing but tear down a society. They are often anger-based, they’re fear-based, you know, because it’s opposite, the order of God. It’s opposite all that is right.

And so that is what true conservatism is. It is a conserving, a protecting of all that is right. All that makes sense. The moral order of God. Because it works! [Laughs] You know, it works for the good of society. We can see with the naked eye—without even being religious … I mean, not being religious, but not, you know, not even with the Bible. But I guess you could say, you know, even if you’re an atheist and you don’t believe in God, this is something that you can see with the naked eye. Things that are the opposite of the order of God, you know, are disorder. And they’re usually policies and customs and ways and beliefs that are the opposite of conservatism, the opposite of the Republican Party—you know, which is supposed to stand for family, the nuclear family—which is about the love of America, the love of your country, the protection of your country, and the upholding of laws and policies that protect the country, that protect God, that protect free speech that, you know, my Father has given me. And usually policies that are opposite that—usually ways of life or customs that are opposite, like I said, are destruction. They are usually of a liberal bent. They’re usually of the democratic party—they’re of the democratic party nowadays.

Abortion—this is literal killing, this is literal murdering—this is destruction. It is the killing of creation. Separating the man from the woman, building the ego of the woman and placing her before the man, which is not God’s order—feminism, this is all destruction. You are erasing the unity that God has created; in His order there is nothing but union, and you are separating everything. You know, the literal definition of Satan is the separation from the Father. And so you’re separating man and woman, who God created to be in divine union, so that they could cooperate and create and replicate the kingdom of heaven on earth. You know, that’s all there is, is men and women.

And so, you know, this is complete destruction; you have things like feminism where the women are angry, the men are angry; they’re not getting along, because you’re building the ego of the woman. You’re placing her in front of the man, which is not God’s order. You’re weakening the man. And you’re telling all kinds of lies to women that further promote the destruction of God’s order in society. You know, things like, you can go to work and you can be a mother at the same time, when you cannot. You cannot. You cannot be a “working mom”. This doesn’t make any sense. It is a man’s job to protect and provide for his family; and, you know, if a woman is—this is not true conservatism. You know, this is not God’s order. You don’t have children to neglect them. You don’t have children to go to work and leave them with other people—nine times out ten, people who screwed you up—your own family who screwed you up.

You know, unchecked borders where we just, you know, as a country, allow foreign people to come here unchecked, and overrunning this country. And overrunning a population of people who have been born and raised here for generations. And just, destroying the country really. Just destroying it.

Homosexuality—two men coming together, producing nothing. Two women coming together to produce nothing—this doesn’t produce anything but lust and sex; and nine times out of ten, ten times out of ten, these lifestyles are as a result of trauma. They do not produce natural families.

This is all destruction—laughs. This is all the destruction of Satan. Conservatism makes sense, because God’s order makes sense. Because it makes sense to be married; it makes sense to be in union as a man and a woman, because it is only through a man and a woman that creation is created. And we can only have a healthy creation—we can only replicate the kingdom of heaven on earth when we are with God, when we are doing the right thing of God.

We are getting to know each other; we are not, you know, being overcome by lust—we are not subject to temptation. We are not subject to Satan. We are, you know, not having sex—withholding sex so that we can get to know each other, because sex doesn’t raise children, big boobs don’t raise children; you know, a big schlong doesn’t raise children: these are, you know, means to an end. You know, sex is the moral disorder of Satan, because it just—there’s nothing, there’s just emptiness. It’s the illusion of love and family, but that’s not—you know, sex doesn’t raise a family. Lust doesn’t raise a family. It rips apart families.

And so, getting to know each other in God, you know, this is how you have God’s blessing: you get to know each other under the covenant of God, so that you can assess if this is the right person to create a family with; and then you are married; you are blessed, as in Genesis, by God who blessed Adam and Eve and told them—you know, He blessed them before He told them to go forth and multiply and be fruitful. He did not create, you know, Adam in ego. You know, that was Satan. He did not say Eve, you know, I created you to be greater than Adam, and Adam I created you to be greater than Eve. You know, He created Eve for Adam, but He created this pair to be complimentary in their differences. And conservatism—this is what true conservatism is. It is a moral order. It is upholding an order that makes sense. It is upholding and implementing laws and policies, and, you know, generally just having a society that is conservative, that conserves, and that protects an order that works for society as a collective, for human beings as a collective.

Like I said, I’m pretty surprised that I’m sitting here talking like this because, like I said, I’ve never been a very political person. I’ve never really cared too much about politics. I came to care about politics when Donald Trump was elected, and it wasn’t because I hated him or anything like that. But, he—for me, he was just a very confusing figure; and, this would be years before my own surrender to God, but things that were happening when he was elected were just really confusing to me. I started, you know—I—the only reason that I really came to care about politics was because I am a writer and I love language. And, you know, language, free speech is from my Father; it’s from God. You know, and I saw—they say that the first casualty of a war, of a campaign, is the truth, um, the distortion of the truth. And that was the distortion of language, you know, language becomes weaponized. This is why propaganda is so important for brainwashing people, using specific words and language, you know, that get people into a very emotional state, so—you know, that is not of God.

And so I cared about language and I care about language—laughs—and so I was kind of like political linguistically. I was made to be political because, you know, I cared about language. I cared about linguistics. I cared about the distortion of language. I suddenly saw—you know because Trump was a very confusing figure to me—he just—I tend to, you know, more towards a like of Trump: I liked a lot of his policies, like the health care mandate abolishment you know, which was from Obama. I don’t, you know, support anything that is socialized, that appears socialistic or communist for a free society like America.

But I liked a lot of his policies, and he—Trump implemented—and he was very conservative, um, he reflected a lot of conservative principles, and a lot of Republican principles. But he also … supported like LGBTQ rights—he was just really confusing to me. And that brought forth a lot of confusion. You know, you had people who didn’t—they weren’t conservatives and they weren’t Republicans, but because Donald Trump declared himself a Republican then the people who supported him, you know, started identifying themselves as Republicans; and this threw everything all off because, you know, they weren’t reflecting conservative lifestyles or values. And like I said, Trump was just very confusing. He was truly reflective, I guess, and accurately reflective of his political history because he—I think, beginning in the 80s he registered as a Republican, but then over the course of his life, you know, he changed his party affiliation—like most politicians—like 5 or 6 times. You know, he registered then as a Democrat, then he went back to … you know, then he registered as an Independent at one point in time, then he went back to Democrat, then he went back—he truly—I mean I think he even said at one point, I consider myself, you know, by and large, to be democratic; you know, my policies are largely democratic. But it was just this confusing blend of, you know, Conservative-Democrat politics that was just like really—it was just really kind of divisive; and like I said, I just started seeing so many people jumbling words, mixing words—you know, it was propaganda.

You know, you had all these liberal people coming out of the woodwork, you know, calling women—we already have a title—you know, calling women who were already born women “cis” women. You had people, you know, who were already a “she” calling themselves “she”s—you know, and using crazy pronouns, and like what? like—just totally high-jacking language and making—nothing really started making sense because, you know, words just started meaning everything.

And I just—I couldn’t deal—laughing. I was just totally confused. I remember watching a program one day, and it was—there was a Muslim—the Muslim—there was—it was Turning Point USA, which has been a pretty controversial organization, but they had put on an event; and there was a black guy who was representing Turning Point, and he was on stage and he was, you know, he was declaring himself to be a conservative, but he was black and then he was—he had a “husband”, and he was gay—and I’m like what? And I, I—I just totally … I went running for the hills of a dictionary.

Because I’d never really—you know because I’d never really considered myself to be political affiliated, I never really knew the true definitions or what conservative or liberal just generally meant. And so I went to a dictionary and I was even more horrified—I think this was the Oxford dictionary, but it was bias in a dictionary, um, it was—laughs—I was just—I was horrified. Because I couldn’t get an accurate read because there was the appearance of bias. It was almost as if the definition of a conservative was written by a really angry liberal, because the way they had defined conservative was in a kind of bad light; and they had kind of, you know, defined liberal of course in a better light. And it was totally biased. And I’m just like, OK! I’ve had enough of this.

And then this is when I started to—not necessarily become politically involved, but I started to pay a little bit more attention. And, I just … I started to care because of language, because language was being weaponized, it was being—it was the total tower of Babel. You know, where everything was angry, everything was fearful, everything became of the order of Satan. Everybody is yelling at each other, everybody is screaming, there is no order, you know, and there was no order. And, this happened under Trump. I don’t necessarily blame him, but this happened under him. And so, that’s how I really came to care about things like conservatism and setting the record straight.

You can’t be a conservative—you know, God has to make sense. God has to make perfect sense. God is perfect clarity, perfect understanding. God must. make. sense. Satan is the author of confusion; he doesn’t make any sense. He doesn’t—his order is crazy, it’s disorder, it’s destruction, you know, the beliefs and the policies that come out of this destruction make no sense. They’re not for the good of society; they’re usually good for a small portion of a population, like people who practice homosexuality: this is not the default of society. You know, and making and implementing policies that cater to only specific populations—you know, pandering, and separating everybody from one another. You know, declaring one particular race of people better, or pandering to one community as better than another community, pandering to a specific—a very small population of people who practice homosexuality, and implementing laws that, you know, are supposed to reflect a whole society—based on that, you know, very small demographic is just total disorder.

God must make perfect sense. And that is what conservatism is. There is an order to conservatism. It’s conservatism because you’re a Christian; you’re a Christian because you have faith; you have faith because you get your order and your morals … your life is guided by God.

And that’s pretty much all I wanted to say about conservatism. There’s no such thing as a person who practices homosexuality being a conservative. There’s no—really, in true conservatism, you really should be faith-based and God-based, because I really have no idea where else you would get your morals from. And those morals being, you know, for the particular good of a whole society—you know, I don’t know where those morals would come from.

You’re not conservative when you don’t live a conservative lifestyle. God must make sense. You’re not—just like you’re not a Christian when you don’t exemplify what it means to be a Christian. You’re not a conservative when you are—you have multiple babies mamas and you are not married as a man, and you’re having sex out of wedlock, and you’re half-dressed or scantily clad. You’re not a conservative when you’re violent, when you’re … you know, just nothing that makes sense. You know, like I said, seeing a lot of people identify themselves in 2 very—two ways that just completely clash, you know, or that completely clash, like it just doesn’t make any sense. And if you’re in darkness, you won’t know that. You’ll—Satan’s gobbledygook … I mean—vhhfgdfhgdfh—like, that will make total sense to you when you’re in darkness.

But, conservatism is the upholding of a moral order. It is the upholding of what is right, and what is right is of God. All that is right, all that is true, all that is real, is of the Father and His order. Which is a man, which is a woman, which is His plan for that man and that woman and …. Scene—laughing. I think that’s it.

I wanna thank you for listening to this episode slash rant, and I will talk to you guys in another episode of Informally God soon. Again, thanks for listening, bye bye.


The Unwitting Memoirist