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March 20, 2022
News Trip (2)

U.S. & Local

In the State of the Union Address March 1, Joe Biden told Americans that they could now take off their masks; and in a shocking turn of events, many Americans, including those who voted for Joe Biden, have decided to keep their masks on in an apparent mask counter-protest. An older lady that I know, for example, has elected to keep her mask on because she is post-menopausal and growing a beard. It’s just easier with the mask, she says.

U.S. & Health

In honor of women’s history month, US Admiral, pediatrician, Assistant Secretary for Health & former male, Rachel L. Levine has been honored as one of USA Today’s “Women of the Year”. That’s right, the “L” stands for Leland. “Levine” stands for Jew, and “Rachel” stands for Richard. I’m not sure if USA Today was being misogynist racist or funny when they also included US Vice President Kamala Harris on this list; but, seriously, this is an affront to women everywhere who use authentic vaginas to sleep their way to the top.

World & Shopping

When I go onto Amazon, there is a banner that says Help the people of Ukraine. Donate now. In February of last year, Amazon settled a 62-million-dollar lawsuit agreeing to pay back tips it’d stolen from its flex delivery drivers between 2016 and 2019. I’m wondering if this current Ukraine fundraiser will go to Ukraine, or to Amazon to recoup the costs they lost in a settlement stealing tips from their delivery drivers.

Breaking News: February 24, 2022

It is being reported that Russia has once again invaded Ukraine. It is not yet clear, but sources say that Russia is looking to find the thousands of Ukrainian women smuggled every year from Ukraine, the hotbed of (Eastern) European sex trafficking. Putin may also be looking for a 3rd laptop that Hunter Biden may have also lost on yet another possible drug prostitute bender during his time in Ukraine, where he worked from 2014 during his father’s vice-presidential tenure and presidential run against Donald Trump in 2019.*

In other breaking news, the EU, pronounced “ew”, has reportedly rejected Ukraine’s request for fast-track membership possibly due to depending on about 40% of their gas from Russia and then sanctioning Russia¿, Ukraine’s poor geographical positioning and being just generally poor and wide-scale corruption.* It is not thought that the country could live up to the EU and NATO’S own declining moral standards for governance. The Ukraine, for example, has reportedly insisted that it’s impossible for them to get rid of prostitution since it’s how they pay the police.

World & Energy

Gas prices have soared since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, prompting the US to pledge 14 billion dollars to the Ukraine and US citizens to start stealing catalytic converters from each other’s cars. The US has responded to the surge in crime by calling for a refunding of the police after defunding the police in response to a previous surge in crime. The oil jerrycan became a symbol of dissent and a totem of cry freedom when Canadian police threatened to cut off the fuel supply of the freedom trucker convoy that rolled into Ottawa honking in January to protest vaccine mandates. One of the greatest trolls in history will take place tomorrow. A post that later went viral instructed. If you live in Ottawa grab a jerry can and join the party. Everyone is gonna be walking around with one in protest. You don’t need gas. Just the jerry can.

Just the jerrycan indeed.

U.S. & Energy

Republicans are pointing the finger at the Biden administration, the Biden administration is pointing the finger at oil companies, oil companies are pointing the finger at the Biden administration, and Joe Biden, very eerily, mentioned electric cars for Americans about 4 times during his state of the union address.* How about a clown car? And Jen Psaki with that hair can drive it. Whenever she becomes all fiery and bitchy during a press conference, my eyes inadvertently go up to her roots, and I feel like the whole Biden administration is contained in those roots: they’re dark brown. Plus I saw a pic of her as a blonde once, and it’s all just a lie and a sham.

More Breaking News & Sports

It’s March Madness whoooo!!! Get a fourth vaccine—how bout a fifth?! Kiss an Irish it’s St. Paddy’s day! Destroy your own country, wear a mask over one eye, you’re a pirate argh, whooo WNBA basketball star Brittney Griner is still being detained for some weed vape cartridges in Russia, it’s f**king MARCH MADNESS!!!

U.S. & Education

Mississippi has joined 12 other states and counting in banning Critical Race Theory from K-12 and other state-funded education. Liberal lawmakers teachers and unions are up in arms because this apparently means they will have to teach from a source other than their seething rage. Many states have also banned The 1619 Project, a 3rd grade essay put together by Nikole Hannah-Jones, a New York Times staff writer. Jones, who is often referred to as Pennywise the Clown for the apparent same shade of hell red hair color as the evil clown (and Jen Psaki) was nominated for a Pulitzer, and the Project for a national curriculum because all these liberals hate children and have lost their minds and are in cahoots.


The U.S. Senate approved the Sunshine Protection Act on Tuesday in another bi-partisan attempt from man to take possession of the sun. The move would make daylight savings time permanent by 2023 as it was in 1918 then 1942 then in 1966 and then in 1974, before it was scrapped in 1975 for safety concerns. Apparently children getting hit by cars and more traffic accidents in the morning darkness is no longer a concern. Americans want more sunshine and less depression, said Sen. Patty Murray of Washington. And by God I’m going to give it to them. As your elected congressman, I promise that I will give you more sun because I am Amun-Ra sun god. The proposal must still pass through the House (Energy and Commerce Committee), where the Biden administration is in talks with environmentalists about how they can best make the sun shine more for solar wind and clean energy projects since they screwed up with Russia.


American citizens are in no position to help themselves as they cannot see that they are no better off than the Ukraine. Many Americans support Ukraine because they have been so brainwashed by the government that they identify with the government, and so when they look at corrupt Ukrainian president Zelenskyy and the Kremlin, for example, they automatically think that means Ukrainian and Russian citizens, and that these officials and leaders are representing the voice and best interests of its citizens. In Subversion of the Free World Press, Russian defector Yuri Bezmenov talked about how even though he’d been born to a good, monied high-ranking military family, he was still himself a brainwashed Russian citizen who’d been trained to brainwash US and foreign officials into Communism and dismantle whole countries based on this subversion. By the time he realized what he’d been doing and tricked into, it was too late. He was given a wife who’d inform on him should he think of defecting, and encouraged to have children so it’d be harder to do so. I feel for Ukrainian citizens as well as Russians citizens and American citizens, but really only Russian citizens since, unlike Ukrainian and American citizens, they have no real free agency to use their freedom to continue to be brainwashed like American citizens and make historically poor decisions like Ukrainian leaders. But I can’t seem to find this in the mainstream news anywhere. Trippy.

Signing off,

News Trip

*Nope. Euromaidan is not some punk indie rock band. It’s the civil unrest that kicked off the conflict between Russia and Ukraine in 2014 when the then Russian-leaning and Russian-backed but initially pro-EU Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych rejected EU cooperation and was promptly overthrown by pro-EU Ukrainians who were supported by the EU and US—and some of whom were also pro-Russians purportedly hired by Putin to exploit the chaos. Coincidentally, the corruption investigation into Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company that was paying Hunter Biden like a million dollars a year to sit on its board of directors, was halted by Joe Biden in 2016 when he was tasked with the very duty of ending corruption in the Ukraine as vice president.

All this came out when Hunter Biden’s water-logged laptop was abandoned in a Delaware computer repair shop back in 2019 and handed over to the FBI. Biden reportedly told a prostitute he’d filmed himself having sex with that a second laptop—or maybe he meant the first—was stolen by Russians he was partying with as he almost overdosed in a Las Vegas hotel.

*The EU is heavily dependent on oil from Russia. To the east of Ukraine is Russia, the actual largest country in the world, and to the west the Ukraine is bordered and surrounded by countries that are EU members. Ukraine was actually once the 3rd largest nuclear power in the world, but with the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 and new-found independence (and an arsenal of weapons) from Russia, they agreed to give up their weapons and disarm in exchange for goodwill and security promises from the US, UK and Russia. (The Budapest Memorandum of 1994) The UK withdrew from the EU in 2020.

*The U.S. is basically energy independent, and has been for some time. But it doesn’t help to have an administration that continues to shout fire in a crowded theatre, driving up gas prices with no demand due to shutdowns, oil companies exploiting civil unrest with high prices, and sudden schizo surges in demand due to overhyped viruses and civil unrest. Causing panic by unnecessarily shutting down the economy and meddling in other country’s affairs increases the likelihood of foreign oil imports because we’re not producing it at home. It’s also probably not a good time to focus on climate change and carbon emissions in the middle of a supposed global emergency unless you’re creating the crisis in order to enact certain changes. Blocking Russia (for energy) just now means that Biden is now looking to even more horrible enemies of America like Iran and Saudi Arabia for oil. (Iran just vowed revenge if Trump wasn’t put on trial) Historically, daylight savings time has been pushed (in America) during times of war and so energy crises.

March 7, 2022
News Trip

Arts & Entertainment

The news is saying that Joe Rogan is apologizing for racist comments made over ten years ago. I watch the apology video and become obsessed that Joe Rogan looks like Uncle Fester from Adam’s Family, or mini-me from the Austin Powers franchise. I don’t remember Joe looking like this on Fear Factor, I think. That’s what I focus on because the news is stupid.

World & History

The news is saying that big bad Russia is overtaking the Ukraine, and I immediately wonder why Putin was on that horse without a shirt on several years back. So he was a bad guy and now he’s a bad guy? I get confused and think I’m in a time warp where the Western media is covering Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in the 1600s. Is this the 1600s? Can’t be because I have Tupperware. Anyway, in honor of women’s international day this month, I think we should celebrate Catherine the Great for her single-minded focus in completely overtaking the Ukraine.

U.S. & World

Last month Brittney Griner was arrested. She’s that lesbo who plays for the WNBA. Guess where she was arrested? At an airport near Moscow for ‘drug paraphernalia’. Guess what the paraphernalia was. That’s right, some weed vape stuff. And because Russia don’t play, she’s facing like 10 years in a Russian prison. Can we get some justice for Brittney? She has a white name but she’s super black because she’s got dreadlocks. Where’s Black Lives Matter when you need em. It’s an organization all about black lesbians with domestic violence charges. They should start a chapter in Siberia maybe where she’s goin.

Tech & Lifestyle

I block news from CNN, Twitter, MSNBC, The cackling View, Business Insider, Newsmax*, YouTube, New York Times, The Associated butt plug Press, ABC, CBS, NBC, USA Today, The Washington Post, HuffPost, The Hill, The White House…NPR, which I’ve dubbed “Nig*a, Please Rebroadcast”, or “Nig*a Please, Rebroadcast.”

U.S. & Local

The trucker convoy is supposed to arrive in Washington D.C. on Sunday. The American one that is. I wonder if Biden will squint through the haze of his dementia and wonder if the space aliens have finally arrived outside of his window. Canadian premier Justin Trudeau had the assets frozen of truckers and supporters, or at least he threatened to. Can you believe that people who are so nice as the Canadians and love hockey so much could be so mean? I would have never thought looking at him with his long flowy hair and knees pressed tight together as he sat next to big old man-spreading Donald Trump in that press conference two years ago that he had it in him.


The news says that US troops are prepared to help fight for Ukraine, but I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be a better idea to get some troops from Afghanistan that Biden left over there in August since they might already be waiting for a plane. In other news, I heard the Biden administration is dropping Afghan immigrants over U.S. cities like DDT. Americans have been reported to be smuggling and hiding illegal immigrants like this is The Holocaust or the Underground Railroad. Residents in the Bay Area have been asked to take in homeless people who look like Saturn eating his children since homelessness is spiraling out of control.


The WNBA is complaining about not getting paid like men. And I’d just like to say that any comparison to a female-dominated society with Bonobos, where they settle all disputes by humping each other, is moot.* It’s only female dominated because all the males have gone. Where? To the NBA probably, where men are generally stronger faster more agile and athletic. I used to watch the Lady Vols because my grandad was from Tennessee but I have to admit that I saw something wrong even back then and even though they were a pretty good team. It was like watching molasses or drinking Sunny D, which I call retarded Orange juice. Being slower pushing a ball up court and passing and shooting it with hands that seem too small for the ball does not warrant more pay than women who punch a ball back and forth over a net with just their undies on and a bra. Now that’s women’s sports!

U.S. Sports & Trade

Russians don’t smile much, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to send U.S. VP Kacklin Kamala Harris to negotiate for Brittney’s return. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi looks like she’s never turned down a drink in her life, so maybe she should do it. She seems like she likes vodka, and Russians like vodka.


Florida reports sun and warm weather no masks or vaccine mandates and shutdowns and a booming economy since 2021.


I’ve heard that Russian citizens are pretty brainwashed, but when I take a look at what Putin has outlawed in the country: medical & recreational drug use, open homosexuality and public criticism of the country for starters, I see that these are the very same Communist tactics that U.S. liberals and progressives have used and promoted to destroy their own country, idiots, while Russia, once a reason for the US and 29 other countries to form the political and military alliance NATO against Russia, has become the pinnacle of an orderly society with rules that actually uphold the morality of a civilization because they are in alignment with God. Now this is not to say that I’m pro Russia or anything other than God; this is politics, which is just a reflection of average crappy citizens whose alliances allegiances and enemies also shift day-to-day like the wind because they’re as phony as the celebrity politicians they elect and deserve.

The U.S. and its liberal propaganda media arm’s pushing for Ukraine assistance seems right on time for America’s continued destruction, as US crime, unemployment, homelessness and illegal immigration continues to soar, and Ukraine isn’t even a participating ally country in NATO. Qué? If I actually thought this was about Brittney Griner, I’d say to leave her black ass over there—we’ve got enough fearful angry, complaining, entitled egotistical drug-using, sexual degenerate female-minded brats preoccupied with vaccines, masks, themselves and their own genitalia and sexuality here in America as it is. Anti-Christ narcissists of the highest satanic order. But I can’t seem to find this in the news anywhere. Trippy.

Signing off,

News Trip

*I tried Newsmax for a while, but answering the call of the far left with views of a far right is not my idea of news. They reminded me of RINO Republicans, fake conservatives, with a weird blend of conservative-liberal takes. But I did really enjoy Emerald Robinson, Heather Childers and Joe Pinion.

*Turns out, actually, according to this Smithsonian article, that Bonobos are not as female-dominated as once thought (since much of their behavior has been observed in captivity or other unnatural human-contrived environments).

January 6, 2022

Ever since America began tanking, I’ve heard the word “progressive” a lot. And when I looked it up, it reminded me of the person who initially comes to your house to help you get better from sickness and now refuses to leave now that you’re better. You’re still sick they insist, and to prove it, they trip you down a flight of stairs so that you’ve broken your leg and need them to help you get better. Isn’t this like Munchausen’s syndrome?

It sounds all very hazy to me. Because anybody’d be for progress, right? But what are we actually talking here? I once in my early 20s thought the cure to ending racism would be to sleep with one guy from every race and have a baby. My old roommate regularly made “progress” on her “researches” in stalking a guy. Oh, and how’s that atom bomb coming? Just wonderful! You say. I’ve made magnificent progress!

Who’s defining progress here? And what’s the context of the climate that seems to necessitate “progress”?

I once read that progressivism in America started around the time all those immigrants, mostly women, died in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire of 1911 in NYC. I also read that progressivism once upon a time to some whites meant disenfranchising blacks out of votes, whereas now blacks think that erasing history and taking things from whites amounts to some sort of progress as well. I can’t help but think that “reform” is just another word meant to fix human stupidity that insisted it was smart in the first place. Progressivism in Europe took root during the “Enlightenment” Age with the thought that human beings could progress from some sort of primitive barbarism to civility via technology, and some ridiculous idea of empirical knowledge that can’t escape its imagination and bias precisely because it’s all of the mind. What two people see things the same way? What objective reality exists besides God?

I recently watched “Soviet (and CCP (Chinese Communist Party)) Subversion of the Free World Press”, a 1984 interview of Yuri Bezmenov, a former propagandist and defector from the KGB. What he said was that American fear of a Soviet military was laughable because its warfare was entirely psychological. What then could you do to them? When the average Soviet citizen was already controlled by the government and brainwashed into thinking that America was their enemy, while the Soviet government then turned around and bribed and complimented American government officials and intellectual progressives into thinking that Soviets and their communism were their friends. It was Yuri’s job to keep these foreign officials and intellectuals drunk and high while they were in the USSR, as they were given idyllic tours and portraits of communist life that were not true at all. The average Soviet citizen was starving.

Ideological subversion, says Bezmenov, or psychological warfare, is the slow process of changing American perception of reality so that, one day, despite the abundance of information, they will not be able to come to a sensible conclusion. Bezmenov describes this Soviet brainwashing of America in 4 parts:

i. Demoralization
ii. Destabilization
iii. Crisis
iv. Normalization

Basically, you train Americans over a 15–20-year period to accept wrong things as right—like homosexuality and sexual abnormality and deviance, Anger, abortion & feminism, Misandry, illegal and unmitigated immigration, drug legalization, prolonged isolation, mass unemployment, government mandates and criminality—so that they can destroy themselves and their country, and the government can take over as Big Brother god. It takes 15-20 years because that’s about how long it takes to brainwash 3 generations, and now we’ve got people passing their masks down to their children. It’s been about 3 years that people have been wearing masks now, for example. People are getting COVID left and right now (because it’s cold and flu season) despite wearing masks and having been vaccinated 2-3 times, and they’re still defending it. I don’t know how many radio stations I’ve written running government COVID shot ads. I gave the Museum of Fine Arts a piece of my mind when they sent me an unsolicited catalog where everybody in it was wearing a mask like it was normal. This is NOT the “new normal”. It’s the new abnormal, and Americans have been demoralized to normalize it.

This is progress according to your enemy, who—like Ha-Satan, Belial, Lucifer, the devil, Beelzebub, celebrities, Baphomet, progressives, liberals, MSNBC, CNN, Black Lives Matter, globalists, Socialists, Marxists, Communists, Anthony Fauci—has many names. Socialists are State Capitalists, Bezmenov explains, meaning that the life of the average Soviet citizen is equivalent to an insect because the State controls all capital, all money, all business, all everything. There is no freedom. State Capitalists call this equality.

Progress can be bad, you know, because it’s not really progress at all. They just say it is, in the same way that the devil calls himself an angel of light, to trick you. In all of your “civilized” technology and empirical knowledge and intellect reasoning glory.

“What actually happens now—that unlike myself—” Bezmenov says, “you have literally several years to live on unless United States wake[s] up. The time bomb is ticking. With every second, the disaster is coming closer and closer. Unlike myself, you will have nowhere to defect to, unless you want to live in Antarctica with penguins. This is it—this is the last country of freedom and possibility. (1:16:30)

“The Soviet people, 270 millions of Soviets will be eternally thankful to you if you stop aiding a bunch of murderers, who sit now in Kremlin, and who President Raegan respectfully calls government. They do not govern anything, least of all such complexity as the Soviet economy.” (1:18:39)

Love Letter to America,

You can check this book out by Bezmenov under the pen name Tomas Schuman. Read the pdf here or the book on Internet Archive here.


The Unwitting Memoirist

Isaiah 5:20: Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!

Video Cited: “Subversion of the Free World Press – Yuri Bezmenov”. Youtube, uploaded by Robert L. Redstone, 29 April 2021.

December 30, 2021
You’re A 1 Star!

People who rate books with a 1 star with no explanation shouldn’t be allowed to pass the SATs. I mean, that’s how it works, right? I guess at an answer on the SATs, and they measure that it’s a guess, or that I’m cheating, by my inability to show how I got that answer. Eff you. So I might as well not even answer it.

Well, that’s just how it should go. I remember when my stepsister put on my father’s tie and I stood in the doorway looking at her very proud of how she looked in the tie and saying, You look stupid, before walking away.

It’s like, I didn’t even think she looked stupid, but I wanted to do something mean. Like penalize her for guessing on her SATs or something. Isn’t this how evil is passed around?

And I’m not even saying this because I had a book rated with a 1 star. I’m talking about my lifelong pre-occupation with criticism. Don’t tell me about the good, tell me about the bad. If I was a boss surrounded by 25 smiling people loving and yessing me, I’d hone in on the 1 person sitting across the room at the table all alone who actually didn’t think my idea was so good.

I’m looking for a reason not to buy it maybe. not to buy into myself. Or criticism with some merit, something or other. I don’t know precisely what I’m looking for but I’m very interested in the 1 star. So you can imagine my consternation when I find a 1 star with no review. Eff you. You shouldn’t even be allowed to have a computer. How do you think it’s acceptable to do that?

OK, maybe this has something to do with some unresolved issues about the SATs. How are you going to make me not guess by penalizing me for guessing? I shouldn’t be made to show my answer. I’ve always been a horrible math student, but I really did have the ability to come up with right answers and I couldn’t even tell you how. It’s like I was a wizard or something. I remember testing so low in math in college that I was placed in pre-algebra. It’s like math before the math. College prep before they even allow you on the college campus. But when I transferred to another school, I took a paper and pencil test and placed into Calculus. Who can understand the human brain?

But this is all about how people who rate a book 1 star must show their answer for why they rated it a 1 star. Or they shouldn’t be allowed to have fingers. I had to show my work on the SATs and so should you! Jerk!

I could’ve really been smart if only I was allowed to guess at it … ⭐


The Unwitting Memoirist