happy January New Year elves with golden trumpets confetti balloons clock and brown lunch bag


Hi. Happy New Year. Happy January. It’s officially 2022, whatever that means. How was your 2021? We’re officially sci-fi. 🥳

I’m not even sure of what happened in 2021, I’ve been in the house most of the year. And still people have found a way to harass me. The UPS guy rings my doorbell just to say ‘hi’, I’ve managed to be sued like 2 times, I think. Twice I “won”. All from my house. I didn’t even go to court; I had a Zoom meeting with a judge.

But, really, it’s been a great year because God is good. It’s been almost 3 years in February since I was reborn of my Father, so, spiritually, I’m like 3 years old now. Be patient with me. I’m potty trained and everything; it’s just that He’s re-learned me how to look at something as small as getting a piece of mail and not having a nervous breakdown over it.

2021’s kinda been like Groundhog’s Day. Btw, when I looked up how to spell Groundhog’s Day this is the image that came up. Either he’s looking at his nails, or waiting for you to put your hand up to the glass too. Or you’re supposed to halt or something. His name is Shubenacadie Sam, maybe, and he bit a journalist in 2018.

groundhog short arm reaching out with hand long nails in front of face

But anyway, 2021’s been like Groundhog’s Day for me. It feels like I’ve been re-living the same situation over and over again, but now I can see, each time it’s been with a higher level of consciousness, which is God.

Other than that, you know me: my life pretty much revolves around reading, writing and God. I’ve added stuff around here, swept up here and there, vacuumed, took some stuff down. You can take a look at the Site Map here.

And I think that’s it. I hope you have a great January, God bless, 🎉