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I believe in the Bible as the wisdom of God, but I don’t believe in the Bible. I believe in God. Bible Study is my musings & questions that seek to put the logic and faith back into God. So come as ye are (For ye need not that any man teach you 1 John 2:27) I’m at Judges 👼🏽



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35 Posts:


  1. Everybody’s a Jew?
  2. Don’t Get All Drunk Up in the Vineyard
  3. God Is Not Stupid
  4. Wrong Mind, Right God
  5. God’s Will Is Not A Problem to be Solved
  6. The Real Housewives of Sodom & Gomorrah
  7. You Are Perfect, Biblical Receipts
  8. Make No Bones about It: The Heart is Deceiving and You Must Leave People Behind Sometimes
  9. Wax On, Wax Off: Musings & Questions, and Discerning When to Interpret the Bible Literally and Figuratively
  10. The False Urgency of the Moment: Time Loops and Jacob & Esau
  11. Everybody’s a Jew Part 2: Musings and The Genesis
  12. When Christ Refused to Wear His Crown: The Creation of the Matriarchy, Musings on the Genesis: Rebekah, Isaac, Jacob & Esau
  13. How Can You Tell If It’s God or Satan? The Nuance of Rebekah and Rebekah
  14. Jamaican Ethiopian Rastafar-i: Black Supremacy, White Supremacy, Yakub, Esau, Rebekah & Isaac: The Devil is in the Details. Raasclat.
  15. What Do You Already Have That You’re Not Seeing Because You Are Looking For More?
  16. The Rape of Dinah: Rape of the Mind, Sex Before Marriage
  17. The Responsibility of Representing God: The Pride of Joseph’s Dreams
  18. The Logic of the Devil & Joseph’s Brothers
  19. Just Some Food for Thought on (Biblical) Masturbation: Onan’s Load
  20. There Is No Suffering in God, Only the Illusion of Satan, and it(‘)s pain


  1. When to Let Go vs. When You are Delivered: Exodus
  2. Answering the Call of God: Exodus, Will Somebody Answer the Damn Phone?!
  3. It’s A Miracle
  4. Just A Reminder:
  5. Separation of the Gods: separating the Real from the fake
  6. Handling Discrepancies in the Bible: Who Is God? the Angel of Death
  7. God vs. the Genie in the Bottle: At Some Point God Must Be Enough
  8. The Constant Nuance of Faith
  9. The Bible Matrix Reloaded: Neo & the Prophets 5.0
  10. What the Bible Says about Fear & Anger, Is What It Doesn’t Say: You Hate what You Fear & Hate when You have Anger. The Trinity of Satan.
  11. The Simple grand Ceremony of Faith
  12. So Long Exodus: The Art of Saying Goodbye … To Satan


  1. Unintentional Sin, a Biblical Question(s)?
  2. The Simple grand Ceremony of Faith part II
  3. The Scapegoat