The Sowing in Leviticus, the harvest in Numbers


Leviticus is all about action, right? It’s the measuring, hammering, crafting, lighting, burning, washing, dressing, sacrificing, hanging, setting, preparation. It’s about building a ceremony of faith to prepare for God, to be able to receive Canaan a Promised land–the bounty of God with the right spirit of God. After all, plenty of people hit the lottery so to speak, only to become miserable, their problems amplified in the devil because they mirror spiritual lack.

The book of Numbers is about whether you would prefer eating manna from the heavens for 40 years as in Exodus, or spend 40 years wandering in the wilderness because you feared your bounty. Could you be still unknowingly for 40 years eating manna, day after day? Would you know that you were being prepared?

The irony of Leviticus is that there is so much activity that ultimately prepares for stillness. The Israelites spent all of that time at the foot of Mount Sinai in preparation. But they became afraid again, of rumored giants in the land and allowed their fear to become more important than God and refused to enter Canaan, the land that God had promised them. Which sent them into activity again but in vain, wandering blindly in the wilderness by their fear with a belief in god but no faith in God. The stillness and inactivity is what prepares you; it is an illusion because in fact much spiritual movement is happening, to keep you still when the fear comes and tempts you to reject what you’ve sown and prepared for so long, the bounty of God’s harvest, in numbers.

“He says, ‘Be still, and know that I am God'”; Psalm 46:10