The Simple grand Ceremony of Faith part II


A ceremony of faith is a practice of continuing to go to God. You are angry, you go to God, you are excited, you go to God, you are fearful, you go to God. And in this going to God is continuous discovery that you are not God, a falling into God and a gradual discovery that He is always there. And so this practice of continuing to go to God gradually becomes an endurance of all things, and this endurance of all things becomes the miracle of Faith, your trust in Him.

Whether you have an elaborate ephod or tunic, or your clothes are tattered, or if you’re naked. Whether you have a tabernacle of meeting or a holy room or the edge of a bathtub in a bathroom. Whether you prepare to be clean or must drop everything you are doing while dirty, crying or at peace, 10 lambs or no bull to sacrifice, you come with your hands full of gratefulness each time to wherever you are in yourself, that you have God.