So Long Exodus: The Art of Saying Goodbye … To Satan


The point of being rebirthed in the right spirit of God, is so that you can say goodbye to Satan. And with the right spirit of God, say goodbye to Satan.

It used to be that a goodbye for me wasn’t good enough: I’d have to cuss you up and down the street and give you a good piece of my nasty mind. I’d let you go; I’d always let you go, and; in the illusion of Satan, move forward in the anger keeping me stuck behind in the past.

I remember when I released someone with the love of God for the first time several months ago. I thought it’d be enough to just stop initiating contact, but because this was a conversation all with Satan in my mind of course, they kept calling. It happened again with another person. Pick up the phone, Satan said, and ask em what the fuck they want. Can’t ya take a goddam hint? I’d begun to hate them of course the more they called the more I wasn’t being honest, so I hated myself and blamed it on them. But when I was ready to acknowledge that truth to God, He in turn gave me the honesty with which to communicate with these people. I saw how for the first time that something not working didn’t have to be anyone’s fault necessarily, which removed the anger and guilt, confusion and sadness of Satan, and gave me the peace with which to wish better for myself and the other person.

When it’s time to move forward in God, it will make sense that you must be attached to all of the fake emotion of Satan, about everything fake that went wrong in the fake god. It will make sense to look back as Lot’s wife and the Hebrews, longingly, fearfully, angrily, missing the old you in relationships of suffering and evil, only to be destroyed in a pillar of salt, frozen in the last place you looked back to. Therefore, the only way to say goodbye to Satan is with the true Love of God, that comes only when you love God more than the thoughts that create suffering for yourself and another.

1 John 4:18

There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear. For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love.