The Bible Matrix Reloaded: Neo & the Prophets 5.0

Illusions of Satan are nothing new. You’ve seen alternate realities in movies like The Matrix, and bad dreams that you can’t seem to wake up from like in Nightmare on Elm Street.

Illusions of Satan are false realities. They make lies seem like the truth, wrongs as rights, anger & control, guilt, ‘worry’ and Lust seem like love. It’s an upside down world where nothing is true, but you think it is because your eyes are open. You’re used to the suffering of the devil so you think it’s normal.

I’m pretty sure that taking caffeine pills so that you’ll never sleep again is not the answer, but I know that Keanu Reeves gets shot in the false reality. His heart stops for true though because his mind believes that he’s been shot for real. But he wakes, saved by the promise of Love–the Truth, that he is The One.

That’s how it ends. With Neo talking to the Matrix. Like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Malachi, Habakkuk, Jesus and so many other prophets, saying that he will eventually free everyone from there who is still asleep. That’s always the real end. He flies away from the false reality, unencumbered, truly free from the illusion.

It’s sci-fi because man doesn’t save man, but the God who works through man to point his brothers back to the God who works through man, the End.