The Constant Nuance of Faith

Faith seems easy until the problem seems different again, right?

A couple of months ago, I found myself saying to God: 

Sorry Dad, but this is a new problem; the last one you helped me with is old.  

The Pharaoh keeps saying he’s gonna let us go but he doesn’t; when he does, he pursues us; now there’s no water; now there’s nothing to eat, Bah! At least we had meat and bread in slavery! The Hebrews said. 

Only, each time you go to God, you are admitting that you need help with a problem, that you can’t see things as anything but a problem, so you give it to God in admittance that it is not your problem, and He shows you that a problem never existed. 

The world is a constant, of problems big, small, tall … Endless, really. But so, too, is God a constant, of no problems, peace from the problem of the world.