Disabled Talisman


All my life I worked with disabled people, and there was a time when I felt I couldn’t stop or I’d become disabled myself. It sounds crazy, but I think it’s like one of these things where you become so attached to this idea of who you are that you literally think you will either die or get into a bad car accident if you stop doing it.

So I’m like, you can’t quit now. The “handy friends”, I mean. That’s how my ex boyfriend named them in his phone. “Handy friends?!” I said, alarmed. They’re like your talisman. Insurance against God’s malpractice or something. You gotta believe in something. I felt like I wore them around my neck or something like a necklace, a talisman: a wheelchair pendant to ward off wheelchairs.

Anyway, now I believe very much in God, and I wouldn’t go back to working with disabled people if you paid me.