Separation of the Gods: separating the Real from the fake


Anything that God can do, Satan can do … worse. It’s an important distinction, discernment.

One of the most interesting aspects of Exodus is “the meeting of the gods”, that is, the one true God of the Hebrews, and the many gods of the Egyptians. This is literally where monotheism meets polytheism, and wins!

It came to pass that when God performed a miracle and sent the first 3 plagues of 10 through Moses and his brother Aaron, Pharaoh’s wise men, magicians and sorcerers could too: they could also throw down their rods that became serpents, make the rivers of blood, and cover all the land with frogs, but not with lice. Not only had their serpents been eaten by those of Aaron and Moses, but their ‘enchantments’ also couldn’t bring forth lice from the dust. “This *is the finger of God”, they said.

The discernment of course is that God cannot be copied, only badly multiplied, for there is only one true God. And anything, out of moderation, becomes an attachment, that is placed before God, shows itself as the false god Satan by producing suffering: making people, feelings, things like Bibles, cigarettes, beliefs, alcohol, sex, drugs & rock n roll more important than God because you’ve made these things god.

Monotheism for the win!