Moments with a Didgeridoo


I bought my ex boyfriend a didgeridoo once. Anyway, I can’t believe he wanted one, and I can’t believe I bought it. I was in hell constantly stressed about money rent and jobs and about 30 and he in his early 20s concerned about developing the proper technique for circular breathing on his didgeridoo. Anyway, I slapped him once when he refused to give me the remote control I was so stressed, and I don’t think he even took the didgeridoo when he went back to his home country and I moved to another state. I didn’t even take it. He looked so surprised, about when I slapped em I mean, but he still wouldn’t give me the remote. He forgot about it pretty quick, the didgeridoo I mean, and it was in the apartment for less than 3 weeks I think. Everything was so unhappy, but for a moment.