The Original Party Crasher, Life of the Party

I once went around a college dorm party shaking everyone’s hand & introducing myself. I used to be a very strange person, obnoxious in many ways but always sincere. I always had these novel ideas about how to approach life because, I guess I didn’t have any novel ideas about how to approach life.

Even now, I can remember the dirty looks. I went rummaging around someone’s refrigerator at a party once. Helped myself to a beer. Another time I went around making grand proclamations and interrupting everyone’s conversations. This party was a house party in Hawaii, where they were talking about verisimilitude, the appearance of truth. All the TVs were turned to guys riding waves.

I could hear people wondering aloud who I was, grouped together but never saying anything to me. Just the dirty looks that I interpreted as being the life of the party. I always had a good time being me, I guess you could say, even when I didn’t. I had the freedom to try out novel ideas, I guess you could say.