When to Let Go vs. When You are Delivered: Exodus


It’s interesting that I’ve had a couple of conversations with people who believe in God and think that they have a will: How does God work for you? I asked one person. And, like the second person, they said that they do something, or set their mind to do something, then run it by God after. 

It’s interesting because that has not been my experience with God. I wonder, how can you trust God if you “make decisions” fearfully? How do you trust God when you are not trusting God? 

One of the people had had a good job with the city, but became spooked one day when she saw a story in the newspaper about a police officer who’d been busted for living outside of his city of employment, as she had been doing. It was a very long time ago, but she said that she immediately began packing her things: she knew that she didn’t want to stay with family or friends so she prayed that God help her in going into the homeless shelter. And He did. One of the first people she was greeted by was a long lost friend. But I wonder: who told her in her fear that God’s plan for her had to be a homeless shelter in the first place? 

I’ve been availed of how coming to the very end of my rope, delivers me from the slavery I create for myself, unto God. It is my only responsibility I think of being in faith: coming to the end of my rope in peace. Why make things difficult for ourselves? Well, we have no choice it turns out: that is the Satan of all we know.

The Book of Exodus is notable for relating the Ten Commandments, and the greatest number of miracles in The Old Testament. It is a story of how through our fears, our lack of faith in God, we create greater lack for ourselves, that ironically only God can deliver us from when we deliver ourselves in faith. And the miracles that we witness when we let go of ourselves to be delivered, that gives us greater faith and a recovered blueprint for His right way of living. 

The story of Exodus is about relearning how to “listen” for God’s call so that we may know when to leave, in peace.